Loving and Living Life to the Full!!!!

Hi All,

Sept 2011 will see me 2yrs since my diagnosis. It is my anniversary of the end of my Radiotherapy (1 yr ago).

6mths chemo, Mastectomy and Radiotherapy and Herceptin too. b Single mum with two boys…

Did I ever think I would survive? No

Did I ever think I could look or feel beautiful? No

Did I ever see the light at the end of the tunnel? No

Had euthinasia been an option at my lowest I would have asked for it…

But now look at me…

Yes my eyebrows and lashes are thinner,

Yes I have lots of thick hair,

Yes I declined hormone suppresants…

Yes at times I am still tired,

Yes I am loving life,

Yes I am more positive and normal!!

Yes I am living life like I did before

Yes I have found love and so so happy,

Yes me who didnt think she would be here!!!

and Yes I am still all woman with one breast to my name (recon surgery to come)!!!

Ladies and Men, hang on in there…There is light I promise I am experiencing it now as we speak!!!


so many of your words are thoughts i had, and have. xxx well done.

Oh wow I have tears in my eyes … here is praying we all get to this point so happy for you :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing

Mekala X

That is really inspirational to read… made me smile… I am only at the start of my journey (chemo starts on Thursday!!) but am looking forward to also looking back and that happy state to come…

Happy hug and long may your happiness continue…


Ditto! I keep getting really overwhelmed and convinced that life will never be the same, even if I overcome this (mainly thoughts on my own in the middle of the night).

Thanks for popping back on to give us hope that we will be in your shoes one in a couple of years!!


Hi Jo68, and thank you so much for your post. It always amazes me that when I have something on my mind I always seem to fond a thread or post that helps. And trust me your words could not of come at a better time. We all need hope and you have given it. Thank you so much, sending you a hug and wishing you health and happiness in your new life. Xxx

You go girl!

All the best Jo68.

Deb x

How positive Jo68!!! Thank you so much… We love stories like yours:)

Amazing Jo68 - and so wonderful of you to share your feeling with us - truly inspiring! Wishing you and your family all the best