"Loving Life" Book Release

I have written a book “Loving Life” A personal perspective on supporting a partner who is undergoing cancer treatment.

The book is now available in all formats Paperback/Hardback/eBook online via Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, Apple Books and Kindle. High street: Waterstones, Foyles, Barnes & Noble and all good book stores.

For partners and family faced with a loved ones`s cancer diagnosis, the question is, how do you cope and where on earth do you start?

Having experienced this as a partner over the last two and a half years with my partners Breast Cancer diagnosis and treatment, I struggled. As a result, as an author I decided to put it down on paper, what worked, what did`nt and share how I have coped. Hopefully, this will be of value to other families and friends as well as patients.

More information on the book is available on www.lovinglife.uk