Low Blood Count

Hi there
I had my first FEC on 25th September and due for my 2nd tomorrow, However went to hodpital for my blood test today and said my blood count was low and they couldn’t give me treatment tomorrow, They hope to do it next week. Is this normal and have any of you out there had the same happen? Also it’s thirteen weeks since my mastectomy and I still have swelling under my arm. I did have 20 lymph nodes removed too. Has this happened to anyone else?


Hi Pam,
it is quite common to have your dose delayed so don’t panic. sometimes if this keeps happening they decide to reduce your dose which helps. You may have lost weight for example and need less - not a problem I have had unfortunately! Some things people recommend are eating Mannuka honey, mushrooms and nuts. My bloods have stayed really high and it may just be my genetic make up but I put it down to not going to work and nurturing myself. I sleep whenever I need to and eat lots of beef, fish, eggs and protein to repair all the damage. Well basically I do exactly what my body tells me it wants! it works for me but might be a coincidence. Lots of luck with your treatment if they stay low there are injections which make them shoot up but are expensive so you might have to ask about them if they don’t offer them. I have not had a mx and had just one node taken through the sentinel node imaging so sorry can’t advise but hope it soon improves. start anothe rthread as that is a common promlem too. keep diing the exercises as they do hurt but doing them lots of times really gently will work eventually, ask BCn for advice if not happy. Big cyber hug for you
Lily x


I had 3 out of 6 chemos delayed for a week due to low neutraphils. There is not a lot you can do except enjoy the extra week off getting the ironing done or shopping before the next dose lays you up for a week or so!!
Its just the chemo knocking everything out and you would be very prone infections.

I had a mastectomy and 21 nodes removed and the swelling did take a little time to go. Its just seroma and will settle. Keep exercising. I found that area always got tight after chemo.
Take care.
Lyn x

Hi Pam

I had my 2nd FEC delayed by a week because of a low neutraphil count (it never really recovered from the SNB I had 2 weeks prior to starting) but since then I’ve been given drugs to inject in the week prior to each chemo. (I had FEC no.5 yesterday). If your consultant doesn’t offer it like mine did, I would definitely pursue this - my consultant said they didn’t want to keep delaying the chemo every week but it does appear to be very dependant on your own hospital’s approach.

If you do get the injections, I believe you can get a district nurse to come out to your home and inject for you, but I asked to be shown how to inject and have been doing it myself which actually hasn’t turned out to be that bad!

I’ve not had my mastectomy yet so afraid I can’t advise on your other question.

Good luck and take care
Sarah x

hi Pam

from memory

Epi 1 - on time (not hard as was the beginning)
Epi 2 ’ on time
Epi 3 delayed one week
Epi 4 delayed one week then delayed another week!
TAX 1 - delayed a week
TAX 2 - delayed a week
TAX 3 - delayed a week
TAX 4 - he gave me double doses of injections to ensure i would be fit for it but no - even the onc got bored and cancelled it

neutrofils rubbish throughout despite 10,000 euros worth of neopogen injections which I used to refer to as my e-coli injections

like you - I was a bit worried - almost desperate! took me 6 months to do 7 sessions when all 8 should have been done in less time
good luck
love FB xx