Low blood pressure

Just wondered if anyone else had experienced low blood pressure as a side effect of chemo. I have had 5 out of 6 FEC and this weekend I went out to meet my brother and his wife for an early supper with my husband and daughter.
I had just finished my meal and I passed out, ending up in an ambulance and then A and E, all a bit dramatic. They tested my bloods, etc and stated that it was low blood pressure and a side effect of chemo. Not experienced this before, has anyone else? I am off to see my chemo nurse shortly but am still a bit worried that this could happen again.

Yes I did, but it came with neutropenia and I ended up in hospital for a few days. Only happened badly the once though with chemo. I just started being a bit more careful about resting as I did notice I could feel a bit weird (dizzy)every so often and the nurses told me it could be due to blood pressure dipping (because of chemo).

Although did get a dip after surgery and did the whole fainting, ambulance, A+E thing you describe. Was also in a restaurant!!! Always good to do these things in public…so there is an audience!!! My 4 year old just carried on eating his food apparently.


I know what you mean about the public area, dont think I did the ambience of the restaurant much good sitting there with paramedics and oxygen masks!!! My daughter said that I would do anything to get the attention of a man in uniform!!!
Really reassuring to know that it is not just me, apparantly it is more likely when you are eating as the blood rushes to the stomach and lowers your pressure even more. Paramedic told me just to lay down on the floor next time I felt that way, think I might not visit a restaurant for a bit!!!
So frustrating you try to make life a normal as possible but against the odds it seems at times. So fed up with resting never did have any patience!!!
Lynn xx

Hi there

I have always had low blood pressure and have had funny turns in restaurants when i was younger - i always quickly recovered in loo
sitting quietly with head on my lap. When i was neutropenic a few weeks ago and carted off to hospital, they kept saying my blood pressure was too low and indeed it did dip below my usually 100/60 a few times but they didnt tell me that it was chemo related.

I have never really minded having low blood pressure and was told in some countries it lowers your insurance premiums. LOL thats not going to happen with breast cancer as i have already found out when enquiring about holiday insurance.

I too am fed up with enforced rest and i never thought i would say that!!!

All the best