Low dose anti-depressant for hot flushes

Have really hot flushes and cold chills since starting Tamoxifen and oncologist suggested low dose Venlafaxine or Citalapram. I know some ladies have been prescribed this on here. I spoke to GP today and he had never heard of and therefore had no experience of ad’s for breast cancer. He was a bit nasty actually and gave me px for Venlafaxine “to help me out” all the while insinuating that I had asked onc for them and not that they were recommended. I don’t want to take ad’s and I probably will end up not being able too because of se as I am quite sensitive to drugs. My sister had citalopram and it made her feel rotten. All I wanted was some info on the best one to have and someone with experience of prescribing. Not a bloody lecture. Any contributions of experiences from you guys would be great. Xx

Hello Dana1

Whilst waiting for support and shared experiences from your fellow users maybe you would like to call our free helpline on 0808 800 6000 and talk to one of our staff who are there to offer support, lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 10-2…

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Hi Dana


I am on citalopram and it has really helped with my hot flushes although that wasn’t the reason I was presribed it.


Your GP sounds very insensitive and a bit of an a**e if you don’t mind me saying. he may well be medically qualified but I bet you know more about your symptoms than he does - i bet he’s never been on a forum like this and got such good advice from others.


I hope it works for you and you can go back and say “Told you so” to him.


Lucy xx



I’m expecting to start Tamoxifen as part of my treatment. I already take 20mg of citalapram for anxiety, been on it a while. Hope it helps with any hot flushes coming my way !! xxx