Low dose Maintenance chemo


I have inflammatory breast cancer which is triple negative and have used up all my options for chemo. I am well and do not want to go without treatment. My onc has come up with methotrexate and cyclophosphamide as a low dose maintenance chemo I start soon, anyone else on this

Hi Khristine

I had both those chemotherapies (along with 5-FU) as CMF when I had my primary dx in 1997 - have no idea about dose levels, but they probably gave me whatever was the standard dose at the time. I lost some hair, and felt a bit like “the morning after the night before” during the six courses (a bit sick, tired, grey, etc.), but I think it might not be as strong a combo as the taxanes or some of the other “industrial-strength” chemo treatments a lot of us are having now. Hope it works for you, and treats you kindly. Marilyn x

Hi Khristine,

I have also had cyclophosphamide, combined with epirubicin as the first part of my primary treatment. I lost my hair, but otherwise the side effects were nothing major for me, similar to how Marilyn has described. Interestingly, my brother also had cyclophosphamide, but about 45 years ago when he was just 5 (I think - I was pretty young at the time too!): it was a new drug then, and being used experimentally for kidney disease.

Best wishes that it works well for you,

Julie x