Low Dose Naltrexone


Is anyone familiar with this drug? I understand it can be taken to support treatment. 
I have watched this video which I found interesting and thought I would share 


if anyone has any knowledge of this drug I would be grateful for feedback :) 

Hello Dd, 

I see you have posted this in a couple of sections with no reply. It may be more beneficial for you to post in the Ask The Nurses section. Also, it would also be advisable to discuss  with your GP/medical team about any off label use and effects.


Chick ? x

Hi DdBaker,


I haven’t taken Naltrexone but it is a drug I would consider taking and plan to ask my Oncologist about it at my next appointment. Have you read “How To Starve Cancer” by Jane McClelland? She took off label drugs for stage 4 cervical cancer twenty years ago, if not I would recommend it! I’ve implemented some of her protocol after researching her “Metro Map” and will continue to add it to mine. She also has a Facebook group and website with a lot of information and personal testimonials from people who have followed her protocol, and some who’ve taken Naltrexone. Hope this helps if you haven’t read the book, Kate x

I have a friend who is taking it on private prescription in the UK to support her recovery .I think she had the consultation on line first .