Low Hemoglobin Levels

Hi, my wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 MBC in 2018. She has been on Palbociclib, Femara, and Vitamin D since then. Last Monday, on July 1st, 2024, her oncologist asked for a blood transfusion as her hemoglobin levels were too low. She received 539ml of blood. While she trusts her oncologist, we want to hear from others who have gone through a similar situation. Please share your experiences to reassure us that this is a normal part of the treatment plan.
Thanks and God Bless U All

Hi Vinod

Thanks for posting asking for people to post sharing their experiences.

We provide an online peer-to-peer support forum which is where you may have thought you were posting. The forums are message boards where people affected by breast cancer and breast health concerns can learn from other people’s experiences and share their own if they wish to. You can read the forums without registering.

You say that your wife has recently had a blood transfusion whilst she is on palbociclib. One of the common side effects of this drug is that it can temporarily affect the number of healthy blood cells in the body, this includes red blood cells which can cause anaemia, if the red blood cells are low, oncologists may recommend a blood transfusion, which sounds like what has happened in your wife’s case.

As you say, sometimes it’s helpful to talk with others who are going through a similar experience. Your wife may be interested in our secondary breast cancer online discussion forum including a private chat group for sharing information and support. There is also a weekly Live chat session which runs on Tuesdays at 8.30-9.30pm.

We also provide a number of different services for people living with secondary breast cancer aimed at providing both information and support online and face-to-face. These include Our Living with Secondary Breast Cancer Online groups facilitated by trained counsellors and speakers live sessions. Our face to face Living with Secondary Breast Cancer groups meet up monthly and also give you the chance to connect with and share experiences with other people who understand what you’re going through.

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Thank you so much, Louise. It’s reassuring to know that transfusion is recommended by oncologists is such cases. I will share with her the Discussion Forum, Private chat group, and Live chat Links to speak to others going through similar experiences.
Warm Regards