Low immune days

Hi All
Been for my bloods today as day 10 after my first FEC. My white cells (bone marrow bit I think) is lower than what they would like at this time, think it was 0.6 and needs to be up to 1.5 for chemo which isnt till 11th June. I had been feeling really good the last two days and thought day 10-14 was time to be careful, worried its going to go down further. Ive been given antibiotics for the weekend just incase I feel ill as I was starting with a cold but only to take if feel ill, temp or sore throat. Ive gone down during the day just feel really tired and out of sorts but no more so than a few days ago. She indicated that I could have passed my lowest day and could have been days 7-10 and might pick back up again.

Bit confused by it all and fed up as thought I was heading for a good week and no terrified that Im going to be ill or get a temp and end up in hospital - supposed to be going to friends for drinks tonigh too.

Is this thing normal? Was looking forward to a nice white wine tonight too!

Enjoy the weekend

Hi lisaf

There is nothing normal when you’re on chemo - I can remember my first one, thinking that it would hit me during the first few days, but I felt really quite good and I couldn’t believe my luck - until day 10 then bang it hit me, which lasted a couple of days. Chemo No. 2 was totally different, rough days 4-5, and then I was waiting for the grots to come back on days 10 and they didn’t!!

Just roll with it, when you feel good, enjoy yourself and make the most of it, and when feeling grotty, relax and it will get better.

Hope you feel ok enough to enjoy yourself tonight.

Anne x

Thanks Anne, had a little chunter and weep to myself and now picking myself back up and going to go out, I might feel better with some slap on to cover the spots!!
Thanks for replying

Hi lisa

I have had low immune day problems for ages and haven;t caught anything yet …

love FB xx

Hi Lisa

Even when my white blood count has been extremely low, I haven’t felt ill or anything just sometimes a bit tired and need to rest a bit more. You must listen to your body though. I found that when I was going down hill and getting a temperature, I felt really out of sorts and cold and couldn’t warm up. Just keep an eye on your temperature and if it’s normal then more than likely things are ok. A lot of people have low white blood cells and don’t become ill just like FizBix above has said.

Best wishes

Ruby xxx

sorry to hear that, although at least it is something that improves on its own naturally. It was a really odd time to do your blood, did they say why or were these your first blood tests? As you know I am a day ahead of you and had my blood taken just before my first chemo to set base levels I guess. Like you I feel great now but for all I know I could be exactly the same, I just don’t know, so ignorance is bliss. I won’t have mine checked until the day before my next dose unless I phone them with a problem. Have you got a chemo diary like mine with all your levels written in? Mine tells drs what to do and my drug regime so I am supposed to always have it with me if away. Weren’t you given antibiotics at your first chemo? I have a set here ready to start if directed over the phone. You might be interested to know that the required count to have your chemo is 1 for some drugs and 1.5 for others, they gave my friend FEC at one. Have a great time tonight and then hibernate from bugs and get out those meringues to treat yourself. I’m sure it will improve on its own.
Lily x

Thanks all for your comments and help - much appreciated. Decided not to hibernate tonight but will see how I feel tomorrow, after a few glases of the white stuff feel much better.

Lily, apparently where I live on your first chemo they like to check your bloods at your lowest level just to make sure all is working at well, so it was good to at least know that the chemo must be doing its job well if count was low. I dont have my levels written in diary but have one with all my dosages in etc in case of emergencies and to write symptons down. Too small for that mind so after lots of searching found a nice diary to write a quick one liner each day on how I feel. No antibiotics after first chemo but least now i have them at the ready. Dunno bout you but have you had any spots, feel like im going back to my teenage years (I wish), zits galore!
Think I might have o/d’d on the meringues!!! Im not gonna hide away, nurse told me Im as likely to pick up bugs from my own body as anyone elses so gonna make most of time before next D Day.
Enjoy rest of weekend

OHH my you catch bugs from yourself, no way from hiding from that one. I know they live in your throat, up your nose, etc but thought you mostly live in harmony with them unless got a cut and unlucky.Yes I have spots, mostly all over my chest which is not good with my latest surgery wounds deciding to go red again , occasional sore boils on the chin too.I have soooo many meringues that they will be ready for this stage after the next dose too. Going to see a film on Monday with one of my daughters, I wanted to see Harrison Ford and dribble all the way through it, but my son wants us to have a trip to see that, so It might be Sex and the city instead as my youngest daughter is keen on that too. I haven’t been for ages and when off work you can go to empty theatres during the day, brilliant.I am going to plan a week of fun too and we will commiserate just before we go in for number 2.
have a fab week
Lily x

Off to see sex and the city during the week too! Parents (who are now going on holiday in 12 days) went to see Indiana and said it was great! Im going to go into work during the week just so that I can visit M&S as isnt one in my town! Sitting nibbleing nuts which are apparently good for you (but fattening) and a glass of wine watered down with ice! Have a fab week, will have to be pushed there next week but it will be another one down!! Enjoy pics and dont dribble tooo much!!!

I thought you guys might be interested in this webpage as it tells you when to expect your low blood counts. Just go to Chemo drugs and look up the one you’re on.



Thanks for that Sue