Low Lights in Hair and Fake Tan!!!!

Hi Everyone

I am currently in remission and finished my chemo last June and my radiotherapy in November last year as well.

My hair is about 1-2 inches long and was wondering if it is safe to get some low lights put into it as I have a family part at end of March and want to try and get it styled into some sort of style!!! as have been leaving it to grow as long as possible.

Also, another silly question…is it ok for my to have a fake spray tan done??? Normally use fake tans but obviously not used anything since I was first diagnosed last January.

Any comments or help would be much appreciated!!!


Hello lauram2909

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Best wishes
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HI there, there was a thread about a week ago about all the different hair dyes…I don’t know how to search for them but you could maybe do that or look back - there were loads of ideas and hints on it. HOpe you enjoy the party - my hair now about 2 inches and I bought a racy new dress for a 50th party this weekend - but sticking with my grey hair! cheers nicola

Oh Laura you sound just my type of girl!

I remember being told I could only use the tinted moisturising lotions during chemo and cant remember if I had to wait 26 weeks from last chemo to have the salon tan.

With regard to hair colouring I was told to wait 26 weeks for permanent hair dyes/bleaching but found my hair didnt lift as quickly or as light as it did prior to chemo. I think I went to an organic salon and was quite pleased with the results of my low lights. Really glad you are in remission and looking forward to some partying :slight_smile:

Best wishes Judy x

Laura, I dont have enough hair yet… but re fake tans, I have used them since diagnosis… I left my torso tan free after surgery and during rads, but thats been it!
Two great ones are Xen Tan and Famous Dave’s.

Hi Laura,

My treatment has been finished a couple of years now and I havent had to use any hair colour since before diagnosis as I was lucky enough for it to come back the same colour I was previously, however, still wearing wigs as still have a large patch on the crown that has not grown at all, looks like a mans bald spot!! Still praying it will re-appear as the rest of it is bob length but could not go without wig at the moment but if I have to wear a wig for life then so be it, no point crying about things beyond my control…and the wigs do look great to be honest. With regards to the false tan I wore it while having treatment if I was going somewhere and have continued to use it since, I have never been told I cannot and have never had any problems. Nothing better than seeing yourself with a nice glow when your dressed up. Enjoy your party.


Debbie, you might want to find out about weaving (think that’s what it’s called) where a “patch” of extensions is woven into your natural hair to cover the bald spot. This would mean you could abandon your wigs and just go with your own hair. I think if you speak to a salon that does hair extensions they may be able to help, or perhaps some of the ladies on here know a bit more about it?

Chocciemuffin, I could kiss you. I didn’t know about the hair thing. I have a permanent 3 inch bald spot on the right side of my head where I had cyberknife for skull mets (which destroyed the hair follicles). I’ve been shaving my head, so that I can wear lace wigs (which I have found look the most natural), but they have to be stuck on, and are worn for weeks at a time - which I hate (it’s like wearing a hat 24 hours a day). Do you know of any salons that offer this service?
Re: the tan. I actually have a sun-bed, but don’t use it anymore I hasten to add. Prior to the BC diagnosis I tried various tinted moisturisers but they all looked a bit orange. So because I’m now wary of the tints they use in these moisturisers, I just use simple moisturiser (which they claim is free of nasties), and a bit of bronze blusher on the cheeks, forehead and under the chin (which I believe minimises my turkey neck).

Lemongrove! I hardly know you, you could at least take me out to dinner first! :smiley:

I don’t know the proper name of the treatment or any salons that offer it, but I hope others might have some suggestions. If you ask local salons that offer hair extentions they may be able to help, or perhaps google alopecia help sites or forums, as they will be the ones to give you the best advice.

I’ve seen articles on telly about it, and it has transformed the lives of those who have used this kind of hair treatment, so I hope you can find it. (Bit busy this weekend or I’d do a bit of hunting myself. Sorry.)

Think you might have got the wrong idea here ChoccieMuffin - I was thinking of a peck on the cheek rather than a full on snog (I’m a married lady). Still I admire a girl who demands dinner, before a kiss - as I say to my daughter get a diamond before the weekend away.

Hi ChoccieMuffin

Thanks very much for the info on the ‘weaving’ it is not something I know too much about but will definitley look into learning a bit more about it.