Low neuts - any advice on getting them up b4 mon!

I have just had the hospital on the phone after bloods taken today and been told that my neuts are too low at 0.7 to get my chemo on monday.

I am bridesmaid for my sister on the 28th and would really like to get my chemo on monday, to give me time to recover before the wedding.

So I was hoping that some of you lovely ladies could give me some advice to help get them back up for monday!

Thanks Nicola xx

Oh Nicola, I feel for you!

Virtually every cycle I had low neuts on the Friday before chemo on Monday (& that was with gcsf injections too!). I always managed to get to 1.0 by the Monday re-bleed. There is nothing I can recommend to guarantee your bloods come up, I’m afraid. A glass of Guinness may help but I’m not sure if that is just a old wive’s tale or not!

I found that plenty of rest and a healthy diet helped (broccoli, kale, blueberries etc!).

Hope you to have your treatment


Ps I only had one delayed cycle and then my neuts were up on the Monday (I’d picked up a chest infection over the weekend)

Thanks for reply Annie

I will try the guiness, although I remember tasting it once and yuck!! But I am willing to try anything.

Also plenty fruit n veg for me this weekend and will keep my fingers crossed that I will be good to go on monday.

It just typical this is my 5th cycle and have had no problems with neuts, the one time I really need my chemo so I am not feeling awful at the wedding they are low!!! argh!!

Nicola xx

i dont like guinness either, to take the edge off i add blackcurrant squash, a trick i learnt when living in Ireland :slight_smile:

Hope the neuts bounce back!


Thanks Rae

Will def try it with the blackcurrant!

Nicola xx

You could mix guiness with lemonade and drink it ice cold.
I had my chemo delayed last week and have just taken my dose yesterday. It was quite nice towards the end of this week as I had recovered a lot of energy. Drink plenty of fluids and try to rest as much as you can. I had bloods done Wednesday 0.5 and next day 1.0. Onc thought that with bank holiday looming a break was in order. Bloods 5. Something Wednesday just gone
X Sarah

Hi Nicola

It was recommended for me to dring Guiness, Murphys or stout (mackesons) by my nurse at the hopsital. Any dark coloured fruit or vegetable, the darker the better, curly cale, broccoli, oranges etc. Als, do you remember the tv add for Welches grape juice? The one where they squeezed as many berrie (people!) into a glass as they could? That’s meant to be good too. Put it into google, the details come up on there. Not all supermarkets sell it, I found it in Tesco and it weas about £2 -£2.50ish. Its in the chiller cabinet and in the long-life version.

Good luck!

Joan x

Fingers crossed for you, Nicola.

Moya xx

Nicola, I had looed into this before and this is from a post I made a few weeks back on the March chemo thread. Hope you find it useful!

White blood cells: avoid sugar, drink water, exercise. Eat brightly coloured fruit and veg: carrots, peppers, etc. Especially dark green leafy veg; curlykale, spinach, broccoli. Yoghourt (not live!), garlic, chicken, red grapes, oranges. Vitamin C, Zinc, Welches Grape Juice (remember the tv ad’s where they tried to get as many people inthe galss as they could).

Red blood cells: Red meat, offal, steak, beans and lentils, spinach and kale, raisins, prunes, peas, nuts and seeds. Drink guinness, stout.

Good luck
Joan x

Thanks Ladies

I am away to make out a shopping list with all your suggestions. Thank you so much for all your advise. Fingers crossed it works for monday! Will let you know

Nicola xx

Hi my friend had really low neuts and she took vitamin B3 and her neuts were 0.45 and really improved quickly in 7 days to 3.8 she said she went a bit red at first but thinks it worked! Good luck and hope you are ok for the wedding.

After my mx they kept me in hospital for 8 days! mainly because my blood count was so low and borderline transfusion, I figured that the hospital food was not doing me any good so got my OH to bring in some frozen soups heated in a thermos flask the soups were nettle and watercress both really high in iron and I also got him to juice some beetroot and I drank that after one session eating the soup and drinking the beetroot my blood count had risen from 8 - 11 and they sent me home. Its all in the plants, failing that try eating some old fashioned liver and onions get the liver from the butchers make sure its organic or you could eat some pate on toast, I did eat this when I got home from the hospital to make sure my bloods were up as I was very fatigued feeling quite anemic it worked a treat.

Here’s a recipe for Nettle and Watercress Soup you can buy the watercress from the local supermarket and collect the nettles from the countryside (make sure where ever you collect from is free from roads people and pollution) using rubber gloves pick only the new fresh tops and fill a carrier bag about half way, make sure to wash thoroughly.

Nettle & Watercress Soup
Peel x4 medium sized potatoes and boil until soft whilst they are boiling
Sweat some chopped onions and garlic in a pan with olive oil or coconut oil
add about a pint of some organic vege stock cube
then add the washed watercress and nettles
simmer them for about 10 - 20 mins
then add the cooked potatoes
and blend the lot until smooth and soup like consistency
delicious served with some warmed garlic bread.

Hi ladies

Have been shopping this morning and have got lots of goodies to eat and drink over the weekend.

Thanks again for all your advise.

Nicola xx

That’s good - you sound more positive today :))

Let us know how you get on!


Yay! I got my chemo today. Neuts came up to 1.3, they were hoping for 1.5 but onc said we could go ahead!

Thank you again for all the tips. Fingers crossed I will be recovered and fit for bridesmaid duties on the 28th.

Nicola xx

Brilliant! Well done and good luck!


I’m really pleased for you Nicola - hope your bridesmaid duties go well!


Well done, Nicola. Wish you well through this cycle - you sound like a fabulous sister.

Moya xx