Low platelet

Hi all,
Been on chemotherapy for almost a year; EC, paclitaxel & now kadcyla. Im feeling extremely tired and run down and my platelets, although still at an acceptable level for chemo, are the lowest they’ve been all year. Really trying to avoid an infusion.
Has anyone got any tips to increase my platelets? (I’m still working fulltime & im veggie).
Thanks in advance

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Happy Sunday, so sorry to read you are feeling A bit out of sorts at the moment, you sound as if you’re doing an awful lot at the moment with the festive period ahead.

I’m thinking if this was me I would contact my GP maybe you need some vitamins or something to boost you up a bit I’m not medically trained to give advice but I think you must look after yourself and give your body a chance as you have been through a lot with your treatment .

I would say one day at a time, take good care of yourself lots of
TLC and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Wishing you a happy Christmas hugs Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:


I am medically trained, but not in oncology I hasten to add.
To my knowledge, there aren’t any supplements that will help this. I would expect your platelet count to recover once chemotherapy is finished

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Thanks for your replies. Was hoping there was something i could do like change my diet or something.
Will phone the gp & let them know how im feeling & see what they say.
Thanks again