Low point

So even though I’m at the final hurdle with radiotherapy I’m feeling really low. I started citalopram today to try and counteract the effects of tamoxifen but am so tired.  I just don’t know how I’m going to get through a month on radiotherapy as feel like my body has had enough and I look terrible. Anxious about reoccurrence after I finish treatment too

Hi PJB43,

I’m sorry you’re feeling really low. This cancer treatment business is a marathon even without side effects and recovery from surgery and treatments to add to it all. Probably the travel to and from the radiotherapy sessions are adding to your tiredness as well as the emotional side of it and fatigue being another side effect of rads. It can all add up to being too much, I think.  Hope that the citalopram begins to help lift your mood over the next couple of weeks.  Just don’t put any pressure on yourself - you’re doing the best you can in the difficult times you are living through. Maybe not looking too far ahead might help a bit  - there’s a Reiki saying that I learned from a Macmillan stress and relaxation workshop that helped me - it was ‘Take things by the hour’. I have a sticker of that inside the cover of a notebook I use regularly as a reminder. Even now, over two years past diagnosis, it helps.  Aside from your GP is there anyone else who can support you through this? Your breast care nurse, the nurse helpline on here, the ‘Someone like me’ service here, Maggies? Penny Brohn Cancer Centre have a website with lots of good stuff on it too. 

Look after yourself.



Hi PJB43

I am sorry you are going through a difficult time.

I am sending you our warmest wishes and most positive vibes from Breast Cancer Now ahead of your radiotherapy. Is there anything you’d like to chat about? Our breast care nursing team is here and always willing to chat things through if you wish to be in touch on freephone 0808 800 6000 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 9am-1pm).

Sending our love


It can be so hard at times - I have just had my 10th session this morning - and the big wall of sickly tiredness hit me when I got home really zapping me. I made a cup of tea grabbed a bottle of water and went to bed (writing this in bed) some 5 hours later.
Please be kind to yourself, there is no right or wrong just go with what your body is telling you we are all different in our reactions and feelings, also agree with the comment about travelling backwards and forwards mine is 15 sessions which also takes a toll.

Keep positive when in a stronger frame of mind and think each daily session is one off the old ‘tick’ list.

Poppy xx

Ahh sorry to read that.

yes it’s all so exhausting… don’t be too hard on yourself.  Try to get out fror a walk every day… can be good even if you are feeling really tired.   Yoga can also be great help. It takes a lot of effort to stay strong and positive but it’s worth it.

Do you have someone to chat with?  A trouble shared and all that …
Wishing you all the very best

Hi PJB43,

im so sorry your feeling low, but yes radiotherapy dose take it  out of you just sleep as much as you want it’s part of the healing process, and for the citalopram it dose take about a month or so to take effect but it dose help but that medicine can make you feel sleepy until in your system but it dose work, just take each day as it comes do what you want or feel like doing .

enjoy the weather now we are eventually starting to see some sun however keep your Top half covered to keep the sun away as it will irritate your healing but try and just sit in the garden, I did that a lot and I enjoyed just listening to the birds drinking juice plenty of it …lol so don’t  forget to drink plenty as it is good for you bless I do feel for you hunni but as they say chin up you will win this battle is just another part of your journey but take care of yourself and try to enjoy life here for you .

Catt57 xxx