Low Self Esteem

12 weeks post one sided mastectomy. 2nd month on tamoxifen and generally feeling crap. I am putting weight on but only round my middle, having only a single sided mastectomy I am lopsided. I never had great body image before but now it’s all so much worse. I keep telling my husband I wouldn’t mind if he left me and found someone nice. He says I am lucky to be alive and I do know and appreciate that but I am so desperately unhappy. I hate my “new body”. And I know lots of people say the way I am feeling is normal but what do I do to stop it. And yes I am feeling guilty for all those people that had radiotherapy and chemo as I should be grateful I didn’t.



Well I want to say well done you have come through your treatment and as we all know this journey is not an easy one regardless of the treatment you have.


Have you thought about having some counselling to help you come to terms with what has happened to you.  I know I had some earlier this year and it really helped me to have the opportunity to talk things through with someone who was not personally attached to me.  Also it might be worth mentioning to your GP how you are feeling as it could also be the tamoxifen that is making you feel the way you are/  I was told that it takes about six months for your system to settle down to the tablets, I know I had a few side effects at the beginning but am now 7 months into it and they have improved.


Please do not feel guilty about other people everyones treatment plan is different but that does not mean your journey has been any easier than others


Sending you a hug


Helena xxx