Low White Blood Cell Count

Isn’t it awful how the slightest wee thing can make you paranoid that something bad is going to happen to you? Here I am just over a year after my chemo, 11 months after my surgery and 8 months after my radiotherapy and my knees have started to hurt. So I went to the GP on Monday and she suggested to write to my Breast Cancer doctor and take a blood test. Today I’ve received a letter from the GP to say my WBC count is low and that I’ve to have it repeated within the week. All things are going (probably stupidly) through my head. I’ve been on Letrozole for around 8 months and Ibrandronic Acid for 5 months. I suppose I need to calm down as the WBC could be low for all sorts of different reasons eh? But of course I’m imagining its due to a problem in my bone marrow. :smileysad:

Hi Bennie123,

I’m sorry to hear about your low white blood cell count - this must be so frustrating for you!

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Hello Bennie, don’t know whether this is the same as you as I didn’t have chemo.  I had a blood test last April (I asked at doc’s in my first annual review for anastrozole) and it came back low white blood cell, low neutrophils at 1.5.  Doc said this was mild neutropenia and have been having innumerable blood tests since, but doesn’t seem to have caused me any real problems. Like you I did worry about the bone marrow, but there seems to be different parts to the white blood cells, so you need to know what the levels actually are.  It matters if the levels get really low and become severe neutropenia (not nice at all).  Gradually the blood tests got longer inbetween them and next one is 6 months on as my levels have just risen.  Doc referred to Hospital who said it was due to the chemotherapy - which I hadn’t had!!, but may be a leftover for you. Unfortunately think it’s parr for the course that we immediately think the worse when these blips occur, so do hope it all works out for you and is nothing to worry about. :catvery-happy:xxx