Low White Cell count

Hello this is my first post and I am feeling low. I am at week 3 of cycle 2 of Paclitaxel chemo treatment and my white cell count has dropped so I have been unable to have chemo today. The white cells dropped in week 3 of cycle 1 and I missed chemo that week too. My oncologist has prescribed Lenograstim injections for 3 consecutive days with the expectation that my count will improve and I can have chemo on Thursday. Has anyone else experienced a low white cell count?

Only just started so cant really help. however I know lots of ladies receive an injection between chemos to boost the white blood cell count called neulaster or something like that. You adminisetr them yourself at home. Some are one big dose so one injection wheras other hospitals seem to do more injections but smaller doses
Why dont you go to the thread the month yuour chemo started as those ladies will be in the same boat time wise as you and may have experienced what you are
sorry cant be any further help and hope you get your chemo started for Thurs


On chemo, especially a Tax drug such as yours, it is more usual than unusual to have a low blood count at some point during the cycle. This is normally between days 5 and 14, after which it starts to rise again. If it hasn’t risen sufficiently, then the next cycle will be delayed until it does. The injections are to counteract this. I have now finished chemo, but whilst on it I was given Neulasta. This is a single injection given 24 hours after chemo. Each hospital seems to vary in which type of injection they prescribe, but they all do the same job.

Thank you. I will do as you suggest.