Lower back ache/pain


Just finished 3 weeks of rads (finished 6 x FEC end June), I have been very wiped out over the last week or so, I have just put that down to rads.

But in the last couple of weeks I have noticed a nagging lower back ache, I haven’t done anything to strain it and it hurts even just walking about as I would usually. In fact I can even feel it now as I type! Would this be some kind of side effect of rads / chemo?

Any advice appreciated…it’s driving me mad as I’m quite active.

Paula xx

Hi Paula,
Just wondered if you were on tamoxifen, l have read one of the side effects are low back pain!
Sandra x

Hi Sandra,

Haven’t started the Tamoxifen yet, have collected the tablets but hesitating starting them as yet!

Paula x

Hi I started to get lower back pain when chemo finished it was in my coccyx and felt sore.I first noticed it when on the bus going for rads,it really hurt after sitting for too long my Oncologist said it was probably due to the chemo and the sudden loss of oestrogen,that was 2 years ago I still have it but it doesn’t feel as painful.Perhaps you should mention it to your Oncologist.Best of luck love Mel xx

I got lower back pain and a sciatia type pain about 2 weeks after chemo no. 3. I woke up 1 morning and back was painful. The onc wasn’t concerned as I’d had a bone scan when first diagnosed and it gradually went after about 5 weeks. It came back recently for a couple of days and went again.
I put it down to chemo and made worse by the sheer terror I feel everytime I get a pain and think that it has to be secondaries. Your body had been through alot.

Yes I suppose it could be something to do with a drop in oestrogen, my periods have stopped after chemo #6, so could be something to do with that.

It’s not a sharp pain as with catching a nerve or sciatica, more just a general ache. I think I may just mention to one of my docs, not worried that it could be secondaries, just something less sinister.

Thanks again.

Paula xx