Diagnosed last week with dcis. I’m told I’m lucky. Will require a mastectomy but that should be all. Yes, I know it could have been much, much worse but I don’t really feel lucky!! Don’t have date yet. Surgeon is on hols.

Anyway - two main problems - one is politely avoiding all the people who know someone whose next door neighbour’s granny or third cousin twice removed went through this and would love to help. Why not give them a ring!!

More seriously, never been in hospital before except for birth of children - certainly never had an op. Idea of anaesthetic really scares me especially as I am asthmatic and very overweight.

Anyone with reassuring words??

Don’t worry I too am overweight & asthmatic & had no problem at all with the anaesthetic , just make sure the anaesthetist knows you’re asthmatic. Good luck it’ll soon be over

hi christay!

I am with you totally my consultant is on holiday too for next 2 weeks and am waiting for my op to remove my ducts and not been given date yet either…I too am over weight and suffer asthma and it was a question I asked but he didn’t seem worried at all! I too have only been in for the kids births 5 and 7 yrs ago.

talking of luck I don’t think we are lucky at all …I’m 30 and have lots of other problems including a 6 yr old child with autism and my family all are driving me nuts going ohh i told so and so and she said …I keep asking them to stop talking to others about it but they just dont listen!! now everyone everywhere has been told and not by me and I dread seeing them or answering the phone!

Keep talking on here it does help! and everyone here has already been nice and helped and I was only diagnosed last thursday and found this site Friday!

I’ll gladly keep talking to you and I’m sure some of the others will come on here later!

sending you a big hug!


Hi Christay

How does 16 stone asthamatic mastecotomy with immediate TRAM recon compare with you.

That was me last August. It was an 8hr op. People kept saying it was a long op and was I not nervous. Their big mouths made me a bit nervous then I decided that I wouldn’t know anything about it.

The aneasthatist did something with some drops on my nose (I think) and I understand that keeps airways clear. They also made me take a double dose of brown inhaler nad taped blue inhaler to hospital gown. I was fine with anasthetic apart from throwing up over nurse who came to give me a most welcome cuppa.

I agree with you that people who tell you so and so had whatever and is OK drive you round the twist. Ask your breastcare nurse if they can put you in touch with someone who had similar diagnosis.

Mine was invasive but what is difference in diagnosis when end result is still surgery. Cancer is cancer.

Good luck
Marilyn X

Thanks both. It doesn’t matter how often I tell myself that it will be OK - that they wouldn’t do the op if they thought it would be a problem etc. - mind still works overtime so its good to hear from others in the same position.

God bless.


Hi christie, think i was more gutted that not having weighed myself for 15years they made me jump on a set of scales! been a size 16 for years, but still a shock to know i weigh 13 stone 4! but who care’s about weight, not me, but yes, its very daunting waiting for that first op, i think life is just so surreal, even now after two months, and three ops, well, i don’t feel ill, its only the side effects of the medication, and ok, where i’ve been cut and glued and stitched, well, that takes time to heal, and hopefully, thanks to these ops, well i’ve got plenty of time, but this site has been a godsend, really don’t know what i would have done without all these other fantastic women to help me.

lots of love

Alison xxx

Just to say I have had bc twice, first time 22 years ago and again 18 months ago so does that make me doubly lucky.

Hope I’m not lucky enough to get it again.

Best wishes everyone.


Hi Christay,

When I was given my diagnosis, the surgeon implied there was divine intervention involved in it being only DCIS. So I was expected to feel ‘blessed’ and lucky to have cancer, and be grateful that it could be sorted out with just a mutilation.
I too am aware my diagnosis could have been more serious, but I think that someone in the medical profession should not try to make me feel that I’m better off than the woman in the next bed, it’s so insensitive.

Coming to terms with diagnosis and therapy (surgery) took time, and this site helped incredibly. It continues to do so three months post mastectomy and recon. I keep reading the forums, though I only took the plunge today and posted.

I’m sure the anesthesist will know how to deal with your asthma. If it helps, for my part I was so anaemic that they considered me a minor medical miracle, yet I was sent home only a day after a hematologist told me I risked a heart attack if I ran up the stairs (this after I’d successfully walked up 4 floors…4 days after my operation).


Thank you all. The waiting is driving me crazy - every time the phone rings I jump. Can’t decide whether I want it to be the call or would rather it wasn’t. On balance I think I’d rather get it over and done with. Anyway your messages help. Keep them coming!!

God bless.