It was with a very heavy heart that I log in today to record the sad news that Lulu’s journey with breast cancer reached its conclusion today.

When I was new to the forums, I would see her avatar of a cute pink and white teddy bear, and read her calm, rational advice which came from professional knowledge and personal experience.  Whether you were a terrified newbie, had a question about genetics or treatment, had a recurrence or secondaries, there was Lulu to help you through.

Living in Scotland I have been privileged enough to know Lulu in real life - the pink party princess, always smiling, always postive, always there for others (I lost count of how many Facebook and real-life support groups she was part of).  Somehow we just clicked and became good friends - not everso close but each knowing the other was there, able to ‘tell it as it is’ and share some special moments.

Many of us who know Lulu in life rarely pass these boards any more, but I know that Lulu has continued to support and encourage many friends on here right up to the last few weeks.

I am so privileged to have known Lulu and her death leaves a huge hole in my life.  She is now free from pain and suffering, no more hospitals, no more scans - her journey is complete and she can rest peacefully or fly free or maybe both.  I like to think that tonight heaven is a little bit more pink, and that Lulu’s trademark smile is lighting up eternity.

Thank you for letting us know RevCat, I have posted on Secondaries to let others know your post is here. Lulu was such a supportive and knowledgeable poster and I am so pleased she became a Grandmother last year. My sincere condolences to all of Lulu’s family and friends. Rest in Peace Lulu. X

Lulu…a dear friend to me on bcc forum. We were diagnosed only about a year apart with similar triple negative disease and followed each others posts regularly. We’ve been so similar all the way along in our treatment.
Free from pain now …thats all we could wish for her. She will be truly missed. RIP beautiful lady. ???

I had just popped on here to see if people were aware of Lulu’ s passing. Beautiful words Revcat Lulu was indeed a friend to all. I have had so much information from her in the past and she was always happy to share her knowledge and experiences . As you say heaven will be a pinker place this evening! A beautiful lady taken like so many others too soon. RIP Lulu free from pain but know you  will be sorely missed xxxxx

5 years ago I posted on BCC regularly but today is the first time for a long time.


Lulu you lived life to the full and supported so many of us with your words of wisdom and your mad sense of humour. You danced on tables, walked the catwalk and generally gave 2 fingers up to cancer.


I feel blessed not just to have had your love and support but to have personally met you and felt your strength of spirit and adventure.


Rest in peace beautiful lady taken far too soon. Kick your heels up and party on those clouds with a glass of the hard stuff.



I had a long sleepless night when I was first diagnosed and I met up with Lulu on Facebook we talked and laughed for ages. She was such a wonderful person to meet in those early dark days.I never met her but always felt we knew each other each. A vibrant wonderful lady who will be missed by so many. Karen (Mara)

Lulu was just one in a million. Readily willing to offer her knowledge, always balanced in her views and completely selflessly supporting others. Fly freely Lulu, thank you for the support. Sad that another life has been taken by this vile illness, hug xxxx

I haven’t signed in here for months and don’t know why I did today; it was such a shock to read the sad news that Lulu has lost her battle.  Thank you revcat for posting the sad news, but news we needed to know.


Lulu’s kindness and selflessness touched and helped so many regular visitors to BCC forum.  Her humour and positivity was an example to all.  Lulu used to chat endlessly in the early hours, like me she suffered insomnia and we had many middle of the night chinwags and she gave me the courage to get through the dreaded Tax side-effects.


My heart goes out to all Lulu’s family, in particular her son and daughter who have been cheated of a beautiful and remarkable mother. 


I’ll never forget Lulu, not ever.


Rest at peace special lady.


Libsev (Libby)  XXXXXXX



It would be amiss of me not to post my heartbreak at Lulus’ passing on the forum. in 2011 when I was diagnosed I found the forum and found Lulu. Whilst I dont come back here very often, I felt the need to pop in and take a look around.  Maybe Lulu is reminding me I took from the forum in my time of distress, so I need to remember to give back. She always gave back.


The woman was a Legend. We belong to Calender Girls breast cancer support group and boy did we have some laughs and tears. She has helped so many of us through the worse days even when she herself was struggling with her own demons, but she never ever complained.  We did a photoshoot together in Birmingham with the calender girls and as usual, Lulu got up to her antics and took some great pics, Im so glad we arranged it as I will always have that to treasure. It will be hard for the next meet up knowing she will never be there again.


This morning I wanted to ask a question about tamoxifen and periods and the very first person I thought of  (as always) was Lulu…now who?  She leaves a huge void not just for me, but for many. The selfish part of me is angry at her that she didnt win this 3rd battle because Lulu always wins…always.  But the loving part of me is so very glad she cannot and will not suffer anymore.


I repeat… a Legend.


God Bless you Lulu.





Only just read of the very sad death of Lulu…what an inspiration she has been to many. Fly away special lady:womansad:xxx

I rarely log in these days its too painful on many levels…I had not had replys to texts i sent to Lulu and was afraid i might just find this sad information, I too had the privlidge of meeting her on my hospital visits to Edinburgh, I remember the madness of a visit to macdonalds with my kids ?..I had so much support from her, even when breast cancer took my mum… she would text me… I count myself fortunate to have known her…more fortunate to have met her and ‘tickled pink’ to have called her my friend… I leave a bible verse because i love it and its on my mums headstone
Job 14: 13-15