Lump 2.5cm - Not Seen on Mammogram / Ultrasound

Hi all
Just looking to see if anyone has experienced anything similar to my current situation.
I discovered a lump recently. The GP checked me and estimated the size of the lump to be 2.5cm. He referred me to a one-stop clinic. I went along this evening. The consultant examined me and commented that ‘it wasn’t a small lump’. But he thought it probably was a cyst. Mammogram and Ultrasound done. However, whilst the US showed a 3mm cyst in my breast (the one with the lump), the lump itself did not appear on either the mammogram or ultrasound.
The consultant has suggested it might be glandular. The lump is located behind / to the side of my nipple.
No biopsies were taken.
The consultant has asked me to return in 4 weeks to re-run all of the tests, which is reassuring, but should I be pushing for a biopsy or MRI of the breast just to ensure it isn’t anything nasty?
Thank you all.
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Welcome to the forum .It’s really good the Consultant plans to review you in 4 weeks just to make sure . You could also push for an MRI to ensure all the imaging possible has been done ? Fingers crossed you feel re-assured after next visit .

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Not too similar but would recommend asking for MRI as I found a lump in my right breast and the size was different on mammogram and ultrasound to decide on treatment plan chemo first or surgery. Was referred for MRI and they found another tumour in the left breast. They did think it was an intermammory gland but after a biopsy it was a lower grade primary cancer. MRI can be very sensitive and pick up things not cancer even with the tracer you have via I/V but I would never have known as not picked up on mammogram

Good luck in 4 weeks and hope you get the answers you need.

Keep us informed

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I’m currently awaiting the results of an MRI.

I have very dense breast tissue, which feels very lumpy, and I have a papilloma which was only partially removed a few months ago but some was left behind. It is now going to be removed under general but my consultant said he’d like an MRI done so he could be sure there wasn’t another one lurking. I think this was recommended because have very dense breast tissue and something could be missed (in fact, my last surveillance mammo missed the residual papilloma). However, at the MDT meeting and despite significant family history (post-menopausal cancer in mum and aunt etc) the NHS said they would not do the MRI so I have paid for one to be done privately. I think it will cost c. £1,100, I haven’t got the invoice yet. You may well be able to get one done on the NHS though or you might be able to get one done cheaper. This MRI was for both breasts, at my request.