Lump 5 months after lumpectomy

Today i saw onc as usual pre final chemo. Ive done 5 x fec already. I mentioned that i still have a lump in the bc breast. He examined lump and called in consultant. They have referred me for an ultrasound. I had a ct scan after chemo 1 about 8 weeks after surgery which they looked at today. Looking at my boob there is puckering over the area with the lump which is a sign of cancer. I will have to wait at least 3 weeks to get the results on this. How can they have missed a second tumor? The lump is large probably bigger than the original one and ive been having chemo. Im so worried especially as i asked for mastectomy and was told lumpectomy would be ok but now it.seems.they were.wrong. i dont know.if anyome has experienced anything like this.

Hi Snail-I’ve no direct experience of this (not had chemo) and can only answer as a layperson.  Since I don’t know how often  your chemo is, I’m not clear when exactly your CT was. It sounds as if it was OK, otherwise they’d have informed you. Did the onco give any indication at all what the lump might be?  Frankly, I would have grave doubts a surgeon would miss a lump in such close proximity to the original one-out of interest how were your margins?  Furthermore it would be extremely unlikely, if not impossible for a mass to grow while you were on chemo-an agent which is designed to destroy it!


My own hunch here is that it’s scar tissue or an area of inflammation which may or may not have been caused/exascerbated by the chemo. If the US takes 3 weeks it doesn’t sound as if they’re too concerned about it, otherwise they’d have asked for an urgent one!  I’d speak to your team again and explain your concerns and how worried you are. Good luck with it all!