Lump and dimple

Hi all. I could never image myself joining such a forum :frowning: don’t get me wrong. Last week I’ve found a dimple on my left breast under my nipple. Also there is a lump/mass inside my breast. I don’t think that’s it is moveable :frowning: i am very scared. I had a surgery of 4cm fibroadenoma 5 years ago and there was some couple of more inside of it but a very small ones. I am only 25 :frowning: i can’t sleep… eat… been very anxious about my health recently. I’m going to private clinic to see a breast surgeon on tuesday… i am not telling anyone about this… i am so scared… i could go through anything, i can do mastectomy of boths i dont afraid of loosing hair and etc… I’m aftraid what if is it a final stage where is no cure and spread everywhere else…:frowning: I thought i would like to talk to someone else… i can’t tell my boyfriend, we are living together, he loves me too much and that would be disaster for him :frowning:


I know this is a terrifying thing to be dealing with but it’s so much easier with someone to lean on, if you don’t feel you can tell your boyfriend is there anyone else you feel you can confide in,  Mum , sister , aunt maybe?

You have made the first step in getting an appointment to be checked out, due to your age and history of Fibrodenemas the odds are well in your favour of this being nothing serious, it’s natural to think of the worst case scenario but in reality it’s nothing like that and even if it is cancer for the majority of us it’s contained to the breast and very treatable, take a deep breath and try and focus on your appointment on Tuesday and then  take things from there, please let us know how you get on Xx Jo 



Hello, I think we would all agree with you that this is not a forum that any of us would willing join, you will find though that there are a lot of lovely ladies on here who willbe able to provide you will support.


You say that you have an apt on Tuesday to see a breast surgeon.  I think it would be a good idea to take someone with you if only for company and support.


Fear is a horrible thing and it plays tricks on our minds, you really need to try and distract your mind from this as much as possible. If you dont feel like eating meals, try to eat little snacks as, I am sure you know this, it will not do you any good.


As the ladies on here will tell you, and you know from your previous experience with fibroadenoma, not all lumps are cancerous and there are other benign breast conditions that this could be.


Let us know how you get on Tuesday.

Thank you very much ladies for the nice words and support. Something is telling me inside that it’s gonna be worst case scenario :frowning: I cannot find any information that some benign could cause skind dimpling. And my dimpling is really visible :frowning: if not very bright light in a bathroom i wouldn’t notice that. I don’t know for how long that dimpling was there… could you please tell me any possible symptoms of the advanced breast cancer? Like to liver and lungs?

I’ve just told my mum that I have a visit tomorrow to the breast surgeon. Can you imagine my mums reaction to that… As my mum is almost 60 years old and her daugher is 25 and having a breast cancer symptom. Now when I’ve started to think more about that I think I have more symptoms which I was ignoring for the last 2 years, that’s why I’m very negative on that.

Thank you all very much… I know from my history of fibroadenoma that it those kind of things cannot cause a skin dimpling :confused: I can feel inside my breast that there is something but nothing similar to the one i had 5 years ago… I can’t even tell for how long that dimpling was here… I don’t have kids, super skiny with D80 and young. so I think logically that no celiulite or brestfeeding could cause that… see how many of young ladies these days getting diagnosed with BC… my appointment is 19:50 tomorrow. I told my mum and my sister, unfortunately they both live 100km from me, so have to face the truth alone

Hello ladies again. So I went to the breast surgeon. He examined and did ultrasound as am too young for mammogram. So he did not felt anything and that dimpling did not made him worried. He could feel the scar inside of my previous benign of 4cm fibroadenoma. So he went twice with ultrasound on the same breast and there was nothing. Also on lymph nodes. He explaind that a dimpling for BC should be visible everytime not when I just flexed my muscle and in generally a dimpling should look different that my one. So he couldn’t explain this kind of dimpling, maybe of my previous surgery. He examined another breast and did however found a small cyst of 4mm with ultrasound. But he said I shouldn’t be worried about that. Anyway, so he wrote a mastopathy in my card and advised to see him in 6 months as it’s always good idea for checking. Kinda relieved now but I’m promised myself for now on i will go for check every six months or so. Just to be sure. Thank you lovely ladies for your nice words and wishing you all a very long joyful life! Xx