Lump & Bumps...

Lump & Bumps…

Lump & Bumps… Hi Girls

Had mastectomy (17 months ago) then chemo and to be honest I haven’t been able to touch the area as I suppose I should. Anyway a couple of days ago I did start to check the scar and area above just gently and also the other breast and I have notice the following and wondered if you girls could shed some light?

Above the scar(about 2 inches) I can feel what I presume is my very bumpy ribs then along that I can feel some soft squashy lumps I have felt the other side and the same is there. Is this something that anyone else has felt, are they something to worry about or are they lymph nodes?

I am due to see the surgeon on Wednesday, do I mention it, but after the past 2 years of non stop operations, scans etc I dont think that I could go into that world again, the fear sometimes can be totally paralyzing.


Debbie x

Hi debbie -Soft squashy lumps ,particularly if they are symmetrical (you have them on both sides) -are rarely a problem -but mention them anyway because you will fret with needless worry when onc can reassure you. i have a small hard lump just above my scar line (lumpectomy) -which worries me witless but surgeon "hummms " and says “commesurate with surgery”, and onc “hummms” and says "I see what you mean…"I think appointment times re-ignite very intense feelings about our diagnosis and treatments- your fear is not unusual. I had to go for pre-op assessment recently and got into a state because I was terrified pre-op blood tests would show something nasty and lurking- the worry will always be with me,I know that. Best of luck with the appointment.

Thanks Thanks Cherry

Yes I agree that the appointment has brought up again all the old insecurities, as you can see I am now up from bed at 1.00 am thinking about it. Ive just read other postings about others who are possibly losing their homes, so I shouldn’t moan. It just reminds me of how easily you can slip from ‘normal’ life back into that horrible world so quickly. To everyone on the outside everything is back to normal (hate that word) because you kow that inside you are still struggling to keep swimming.

Much love to you all.

Debbie x

Hi Debbie Sorry to hear about your insecurities and you have been up late worrying. Its such a horrible time of the day for the old gremlins to visit us, they seem to wait until we are tired and vulnerable and creep up on us in a nasty way.

I have kind of got used to my lumps and bumps, still tender to touch but I suppose without having them I would not be here today.

We are all on a different kind of roller coaster ride at the moment with different things affecting us in different ways…I was supposed to win the lottery last night and whisk everyone away to a better place…but guess what not one flipping number…typical of my luck at the moment…looks like its definitely the park bench with aroma under the stars…lol…

Hope you managed to get some sleep and today will be a better day for you with lots of happy thoughts…

Take care


Hi Debbie,

You’re no different from any of us, I’m sure we all have days like this. I had my WLE last April. I still have a hard lump just above the scar and I still have a tender breast. Everytime an appointment gets near my mind goes into overdrive…Everytime my Onc or consultant have a look they smile and say “its doing well” that will soften up in time!!!

Hope you managed to get some sleep