Lump changing

Hi sorry for the long post….

I found a lump in June in my left breast when I was 4 weeks postpartum, during my 2 week wait the lump disappeared and the consultant confirmed he couldn’t feel anything but would do a mammo and ultrasound. Both showed nothing in my left breast it was all clear but an opacity was found in the right!! After 2 biopsies this was confirmed as benign and I was signed off back to the GP in August.

Roll on to 6 weeks ago I found another lump near my under arm in the left side. I waited to see if it would go then went to the gp. She said wait a few weeks then she’ll refer me if it’s still there. I went back Wednesday and yes it was still there so have now been referred. The thing with this lump it changes through the day. It starts off really small in the morning like a peppercorn then grows to a pea and shrinks back down overnight. This morning when I checked it it burst like a bubble and disappeared but came back again. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Also if it was cancerous could this have been missed by a mammo and ultrasound 6 months ago?

Sorry again for the long post just worried

Many thanks

Sarah xx


I’m sorry you didn’t get a response to your post , have you a date to be seen in the clinic .Your lump certainly sounds unusual, you could ask about this in the Ask our Nurses your questions section see what their thoughts are ? Best wishes Jill

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I have finally been given a date of the 10th January so have the worry of it over Christmas. I will post again in the ask nurses section. Many thanks

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It’s horrible having these things hanging over you. There’s a good chance this is nothing to worry about but you can’t help but feel anxious. I hope you manage to put it out of your mind a bit over Xmas and enjoy your little ones first Xmas x

Hi all just a quick update as I had my appointment today. It’s fat necrosis and completely benign. No more checks I’m so relieved thank you all for your messages xx


That’s great news :blush:

Joanne xx

Great news @firsttimemum!