Lump detected during ct scan

I had a ct scan earlier this week to check a lung infection…following the scan the doctor asked me if I knew I also had a lump in my breast. I replied, “it’s here isn’t it?” And pointed to an area on my left breast. The doctor nodded. I’ve always had lumpy breasts, which have been checked previously and were fine, but over the past year I had noticed a new lump, I also noticed a change in skin texture which I put down to loss of peri menopause collagen - I am 50 - I also noticed the skin was dry and noticed it was frequently itchy. Told myself there was nothing to worry about, told myself it would be a waste of time getting yet another lump checked. Don’t I feel stupid now! I have been told the lump is 1.5-2cm and that I will receive an ultrasound within two weeks. The doctor said something about there doesn’t appear to be calcifications??? Not sure what that means and she also said the scan showed no issues with my lymph nodes. Literally going out of my mind. Anyone else ever been in this position with an incidental lump discovery? 

Glad you’ve reached out on here do ring the number on here and speak to a nurse one step at a time and please stay off dr Google you will send yourself into orbit. You have ultrasound within next 2 weeks has a mammogram been arranged too? Hope your lung infection gets sorted quickly now you’ve had ct scan others will pop on with some words too, hopefully Jill who is another community champion who is very kind and knowledgeable ask away in the meantime and everyone on here is here for you :two_women_holding_hands: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx