Lump Found - Doctor postponed referral for two weeks but it is changing. Help.

Hi all


So happy to have found this group.


I hope I dont sound like Im being dramatic, considering what so many of you are going though or have been through. lots of VERY brave women on here!


I know my own boobs very well, and the normal changes that occurr at different times of my cycle. I found a lump on my left breast about 2 weeks ago. It was about 4/5 days after the end of my last period, at the end of a horrid cold. My next period is due at the weekend(ish). After some sensible research on sites like this I came to the conclusion it is most likely a cyst.


I went to my GP yesterday to check, who sais she thinks it feels more like a cyst, but wants to review after my next period to see if it goes away by itself after that. Oh I love waiting lol. If still present after that, says she will fast track refer me to breast clinic.


Is it normal to wait two weeks before referring? I can see how it makes sense but was surprised.


It feels quite big to me and is slightly uncomfortable, and my boob feels heavier. I guess its around 2 - 3 cm at a guess. feels smoothish. Also it feels like it is getting harder and more defined, if that makes sense. But I am sure I am overthinking it.


Just wanted to share, as feel a little nervous and isolated stuck in this waiting limbo. Age 34 no family history.





Welcome to the forum and hello :slight_smile:


I can see why she is waiting as you say to see how things are after you have had your next period but if you are not happy perhaps you could ask her if she can make it anyway?.  When a referral is made to the breast clinic, which do deal with other breast conditions not just cancer, the first appointment has to be within two weeks of the referral.


It is amazing how our minds play on our anxiety at times like this, every ache and pain seem so much more pronounced.  The waiting is pants to say the least but hopefully it will be over soon and everyhing will be fine, which if you read the threads under Have I got breast cancer you will see so many ladies have had good results following finding a lump.


Be careful what you google on the internet there is a lot of misinformation and outdated sites on there.  There is a lot of really good up to date information on here and also the MacMillan site.


Helena xx






Just an update.

My follow up appointment (due next week) was brought forward, as there is another complication - I have just found out I am pregnant. Unexpected and slightly tricky. I reallly just want to be excited about it with my amazing boyfriend, but sadly there are some complicated circumstance and with this going on as well, Im just not sure how I feel about it. Neve thought I would be, so this is significant, but Im just not able to be happy about it at the moment or even tell him. :cry:


Up side :slight_smile: I have had my second appointment with GP this morning who has referred me and I am waiting for my private medical insurers to contact me with an appointment.


So more waiting… but so glad things are progressing.


Nice to know you are all out there. xx

Hello lovelies


I saw the surgeon last night who was amazing, so friendly and proffessional. He could feel what I was feeling and sent me for an ultrasound.


The ultrasound gave me the all clear! :slight_smile: all looked normal on US.


So it looks like it was all down to the hormones from the pregnancy kicking in SUPER DUPER EARLY!


Thanks all for your wonderful support. I wish you all the very best and hope anyone still waiting to know, get the best possible results.

Saz xxx

Brilliant news Saztoes!! C9ngratulations on your pregnancy and hope all goes well for you xxc