Lump Getting Bigger & Pain

Hi there

I was diagnosed on 9th October and due to have my first chemo on 12th November - however over the last few days i feel that the lump has got bigger and my breast is really sore, i even think there is another small lump - is this normal?  Do I wait until the 12th?  Am i being paranoid?

Also, I have asked for the cold cap and they dont do it at Cheltenham hospital - is there any other way of getting to use one as I also have long thick hair that like everyone else, I dont want to lose it

any comments would be very grateful

thank you


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Hi Lynbyns


The swelling is probably from the Biopsy.  The lump in my breast also felt bigger after the biopsy and I thought I could feel another lump but there was only one. You should speak to your breast care nurse if you are concerned about the breast and don’t wait until the 12th because you’ll just worry more. It’s unlikely  the lump would have grown a lot in size, in less than a month but get it checked out if you are worried.


I am  due to have my first chemo on 15th of November. I was diagnosed on 19th September but delayed chemo look into fertility preservation which failed miserably.


Good luck with your treatment.