Lump Growing in right breast

This is my first post. 
I have a lump in my right breast.
last Thursday I had a mammogram, scan and triple biopsy. So painful!

c4/b4 diagnosis - lots of possibly, probably and suspected words used!

I had my biopsy last Thursday ~ the lump is growing and growing with a touch of pain now.

it’s a 15 day waiting game …

should the lump be growing so rapidly?

I have 2 wee boys 6 & 9 - it’s breaking my heart to be a possible cancer patient xxx 


Thought i would pop by, as you can see from my posts we are all on this roller coast ride…emotions will be up and down like a constant yo yo…

I’m no expert at all other than im hear to chat any time and try to keep yourself occupied with other distractions,  Im sure this is easy with 2 kids.  My only son makes up for a football team so he does keep me busy! 

I’m watching a load of bubble gum TV and I cook alot to help pass time until I hear what card ive been dealt with on Wednesday which is the day before my birthday and ghe day my son sits the 11plus test so all added pressure and I will have to park my issues until my son has done his test…

But try your best to occupy yourself until you definitely know what the results are.  xx

Fiboobus Please do ring the number on here and speak to a nurse, it’s good you are being checked over thoroughly and please remember till a professional tells you, you have breast cancer you do not have it, is there a reason for 15 days wait for them to get your biopsy results back to you? Do also ring the unit and speak to them to see if the results can be given to you any sooner. Do keep reaching out on here :two_women_holding_hands: everyone is here for you and the breast cancer now team will support you too Please try and leave your lump alone, it’s normal to keep going and feeling it, to see if you can feel if it’s gone, shrunk and end up keep feeling it and thinking it’s getting bigger :two_women_holding_hands: please also keep of dr google, think it’s what most of us did and it just sends you into orbit :rocket: like I said earlier please remember till a professional tells you, you do have breast cancer, you do not have it. :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx