lump/ hard tissue after surgery

I had a therapeutic mammoplasty in Feb, then chemo EC x 6 followed by 5x radiotherapy. Finished treatment mid August. Went back to see consultant yesterday for follow up appointment and he has referred me for an ultrasound scan as I have hard tissue/ lump where tumour was. I’m worried! 




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Hello paris66,

you have every right to be worried, with what you have been through it’s totally understandable. I would like to share with you my experience, I had a lumpectomy in September 2019 followed by chemo and then radiotherapy in March 2020. I too was worried about lumpiness at the site of my original mass. I was advised that it was scar tissue and was shown a scan taken just before the radiotherapy treatment began. If I’m honest, I wasn’t completely convinced at the time, but have recently had a ct scan (for a different matter) which showed no trace of any cancerous growth even though I still have the lumpiness. What I am trying to say is that we can’t help being worried or concerned that we might have a reoccurrence, it’s only natural. But it is good that your doctor is referring you for a scan. It doesn’t mean that it means he suspects anything sinister, probably he us being cautious and rightly so. Hopefully it will be just scar tissue and all will be well. Its good that you can post on this forum, there is usually someone who has been through similar experiences who can put your mind at rest. I know everyone says try not to worry, when it is the last thing you want to hear. It is difficult to stay positive, just know that you are not alone in your thoughts. Sending you many hugs and well wishes,