Lump in armpit after WLE & SN biopsy

Hello Ladies
Don’t want to fuss. Thought I was doing well after surgery, bruised, bit swollen, numbness. Woke to find golf ball in my armpit, for goodness sake I don’t even like golf! Is this a seroma that I’ve read about or could it be because I’ve been doing too much? Due to go back on 24th for stitches out and SN results, can I wait for medics to check out golf ball then? Will it go down? Or should I phone tomorrow?
Sorry to be a wimp, I know some ladies are in a much more’difficult’ situation.

Hi Sheila,

I had the same problem after wle. In my case it lasted on and off for a few months, like you I hate golf but it does actually feel as though you have a golf ball under your arm.
You’re not a wimp. Why not give your BCN a ring and ask her advice.


It’s not uncommon, and if it’s uncomfortable NOW, then don’t wait until your checkup, as if it’s a seroma and it’s getting in the way of life, it can be dealt with quickly and easily, though it might refill and need draining again.

Give your BCN a ring tomorrow and she’ll be able to sort you out.

Thank you Tiny Tina and Chocciemuffin! I’ll take your advice and phone BCN tomorrow, pesky lump not diminishing.

Hi Sheila, how did you get on? Mine be too long after to ask now?

Hello Crabbit
That seems a long time ago. Got lump drained. Had to have second WLE. Just been told I need an mx. I am just getting over the anger, why didn’t they do that first?! Ah well, it will have to wait. Don’t know if anything would follow surgery.
Hope you are doing ok.