Lump in breast and armpit - HELP

Good Morning, hope this message finds you all in good health.

I’m 32 year old male. On Friday evening I rolled over in bed and had severe pain in my pec ( don’t know whether to call it breast) and at first I thought it was a spot or an ingrowing hair however as I felt underneath my nipple I found a lump around 1 inch wide which caused me pain every time I touched it. I thought cyst and just carried on as normal.

However last night I felt numb pain underneath my armpit and when I ran my hand underneath I felt a pea shaped lump. My stomach dropped.

I’ve booked to see my GP first thing in the morning but to have one lump under my nipple was one thing which I now think might be gymneostia (sp) but the extra lump under my armpit makes me think it can’t be that.

I’ve spent the last 24 hours googling and convincing myself it’s cancer - is there anything it could possibly be other than the dreaded C? If anyone can stop my mind going into overdrive I would much appreciate it.

Peace and love.



First of all welcome to the forum.


The one thing not to do is to use Dr Google, because as you have found out it can terrify the living daylights out of you as there is a lot of out of date and misinformation out there.


You have done the right thing it getting an appointment to see your GP as it is always best to get these things sorted out for peace of mind.  It is quite possible that it could be a cyst or infection which would cause gland in your armpit to be sore as your body is trying to fight the infection.