Lump in lat dorsi reconstruction 10 years later. Is cancer possible in a reconstruction?

I had a small cancerous lump removed 10 years ago and due to not getting clear margins and only having small breasts, then opted for a mastectomy and a skin sparing lat dorsi reconstruction. Luckily the cancer had not spread and did not have to have any chemo or radiotherapy, just 5 years of Tamoxifen. Have had lumps in other side, but all have been benign cysts. About a week ago I noticed a small hard lump in my reconstructed breast, near the surface and near the scar from my original surgery. I had never even thought about the possibility of any recurrence in the reconstruction, is it possible? I am hesitating about getting it checked as feel like it will probably just be a cysts or something, but do you think I should go and get it checked? Don’t want to seem stupid when it is in the side where all was taken away.

Sorry you have this problem. I had a skin sparing mastectomy and an implant recon 5 years ago. I was told there is a tiny but possible chance of getting cancer again in the remaining tissue, so to keep checking myself, especially along the scar line, and to get any concerns checked out. I felt lump about 18 months later, had an ultrasound and it turned out to be scar tissue around an internal stitch. They were keen to make sure and no one made me feel stupid. I’m sure it will be same for you. Good luck x