Lump in right armpit

Hello everyone,

I have had a lump in my armpit for a while now, probably about a year in fact.


I have visited the doctors twice so far, the first just brushed it off and didn’t want to know & the second, because she couldn’t find the lump told me it was just a muscle.

Lately, I have started getting a sharp pain from the front of my right breast to the lump in my armpit. My nipple has started to have an unbearable pain going through it, itchy and I get a burning sensation on both my nipple and breast.


I am going to go back to the doctors on Monday. The problem is I am only 23 so they try and brush me off saying I am too young for breast cancer etc (my mum has had it twice). I know its uncommon for those my age to get breast cancer but it isn’t impossible.


If they wont do anything again can I request a mammogram myself or make them me for one ?

Some people might say I wont need one because of my age but I would rather be over cautious and safe.


Thanks in advance



Hi Sarah


As you say, it is unlikely to be cancer but I think you need to insist that you get an appointment at the breast clinic just to rule it out.


Many years ago I found a little lump on the surface in my armpit, it turned out to be just a blocked sweat gland but these things need to be checked.


Have you mentioned your mum’s background? Family history should be taken into account.


Good luck and be prepared to be firm!



Hi Sarah, welcome to the BCC forums

Along with support here please also feel free to all our helpliners to talk through your concerns, lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Saturday 10-2 on 0808 800 6000

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Lucy BCC

Hi… I found this site I suppose searching for some help… I discovered a lump in my left breast in October and was very frightened and stupidly didn’t go and see about it too a couple of days ago … My GP agreed there is a lump and has revered me to the breast clinic at the Belfast city hospital… I’m so frightened because my husband was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour 8 years ago and he fights hard every day to stay alive… I’m
43 … Since the appointment with GP I’ve found what I think is another lump at the edge of my armpit, but it’s hard to tell because my breasts have always been lumpy … I feel I’m going insane I couldn’t sleep before worrying about my husband and now I’m driving myself crazy with worry… I worry if it’s bad who will look after our 2 children we don’t have anyone … And this last 8 years with my husbands cancer has been so lonely… Everyday seems like a week to I get this appointment for the breast clinic … I don’t think I’ve ever felt as frightened … I think your all very brave but I have to admit I don’t think I’ve much fight left or positivity. I’m scared.

Thankyou everyone an appointment came through today for 27th of march… My fear seems to come in waves, i tell myself it will be nothing but deep down my heart is telling me it’s something, my left breast is so painful now that I just can’t stop thinking about what could be ahead x

Hi Sarah there is loads of great info for causes of lumps and so on on this website which i took comfort on, personally in trying to forget about it till i get to my referral, although its painful and think positive, are you in and pain ? You will probably have a mammogram and a scan and from this they will be able to the density of the lump if its a cyst it will probably be drained and if its a limp probably do a biopsy but it could be Benin. I really know how your feeling it hard to stay positive but you will feel better for it i am taking someone with me when i go the breat clinic so its not a traumatic as in only 19. This forum and website has been great if you ever need some support feel free to message me. All the luck in the world.
Leanne :slight_smile:

Kitty mine is 25th i carnt wait, mine is very painful and i carnt get comfortable. I hope that everything is okay and wish you the best.