Lump in right breast

Hi all
I just want sum advice. Taking my bra off the other night my left boob felt heavy. I have big boobs anyway but it just felt strange. Its felt like this before but i just never thought much about it. I had a feel and could feel a lump. Im use to feeling my boobs so this felt different to how other breast tissue feels. The next day i booked to see my doctor who referred me to a breast clinic which is on monday. I worried i suppose i keep thinking this wont be breast cancer and feel like they will think im wasting their time but at the same time im worried thinking what if.
Im 33 years old am i too young. And what did your breast lumps feel like??
Thank you

Hi Gabby,
It’s quite right your GP has referred, that is normal procedure, so please don’t read anything into it.
No, you’re not wasting anyone’s time. Only the breast clinic can get this properly sorted out for you & you’ve done all you need to for now.
Any breast change should be investigated whether it’s a lump, dimpling, change in look or size, any nipple discharge etc.
In respect of lumps, some of us have then, some of us don’t, it’s no more or less likely to be a symptom of bc than any other symptom.
The vast majority of any breast changes turn out Not to be bc related, especially in younger women, so try to forget about it until the appointment & avoid any googling of symptoms as it only feeds anxiety for no good reason.
If you want to, let us know how you get on.
ann x

Thank you for your reply ann.
Im trying to keep this to myself so i dont upset family who are likely to worry and there is no point until i know for certain. I am going on google alot and now feeling confused.
Im just abit anxious about i suppose. The lump is bigger than a pea sized one like many people on hear describe. I have noticed it before but just thought it was probably just a cyst but feeling it the other day i just thought i better get it checked out.
Thank you though for your reply