Lump in underarm super scared

Hi all I am super anxious as I have found a swollen lump in my underarm. I had grade 3 removed by lumpectomy in 2017 and radiotherapy no lymph node cancer found in lymph nodes. 

I have noticed a lump in my underarm like a pea inside, and seem to be having some collarbone and shoulder niggling pain which comes and goes. I will contact nurse on Monday but just wondering if it’s normal or anyone else gets lumps underarm? Any help would be appreciated ?x 



I know there have been ladies on here who have had similar experiences and they have turned out not to be anything. You are doing absolutely the right thing in getting it checked out so well done you lady xx


The trouble is because of what we have been through previously we automatically fear the worst but try to keep positive, it is very likely that it is to do with an infection somewhere that you are not aware of, especially this time of the year with all the bugs going round.


Sending you loads of hugs


Helena xxx


Sending you loads of