Lump / lumpy area after surgery and radiotherapy


Would like to get some advice for my mum. She finished radiotherapy in April and recently noticed a lump/lumpy area around her breast. Obviously she is worried and mentioned it to her oncologist and she said its normal after surgery and radiotherapy and it will be like that for a while. Mum is relieved hearing that but still have that small niggling worry at the back of her mind. Is it worth asking for a mammogram/ultrasound for a peace of mind?

Kat x

Hi Kat77


sorry to hear your mum is having this worry.


I had my rads last month, just before it started I had a definite lump and my BCN said it was normal after surgery. I didn’t notice it before as the area was swollen.  Once the swelling had gone down I could feel it.


now my rads are finished I feel a bit lumpy round my scars. If someone has taken a look I would not be too worried but if it is preying on your mother’s mind there is no harm in asking for a scan. It won’t be treated as urgent so could be ages before she gets seen.