Lump not showing on mammogram or ultrasound

Hi. I was referred to the breast clinic last week with lump on my breast. The mammogram and ultrasound were both clear but the consultant did a core needle biopsy as wanted to check. I’m so anxious that I have a rare form of cancer that doesn’t show on mammogram or ultrasound. I can’t eat or sleep, I’m so scared 

Hi jasb

This waiting is always a horrendous time, as every worst case scenario preys on our minds and I’m sad you find yourself in this position. There are a few things I want to point out:

Fact: the vast majority of lumps referred to breast clinics turn out to be benign

Fact: Unless your consultant mentioned cancer, it’s likely your biopsy is just a wise precaution so

Fact: To quote Shi, one of the community champions, you do not have breast cancer until your consultant informs you that you have breast cancer

Fact: Almost everyone jumps to the worst conclusions, puts themselves through weeks of agony for nothing (except sheer relief when they are told it’s nothing of concern). Why do we do this? Why not look at it the other way round? Also, having been there myself, I can tell you that, once you remove the fear that stems from previous centuries (things have moved forward in leaps and bounds), breast cancer may be sh** but it’s all manageable.

You’ve mentioned that you can’t eat or sleep for fear so you need to be very protective of yourself and your emotional wellbeing in the coming days. Please don’t google anything- it’s disastrous as it can’t be specific to your unique circumstances and doesn’t give a toss about the terror it can ignite. Stay away from temptation! Instead, do whatever relaxes you and distracts you - mindfulness, running, baking. I relied on YouTube videos which gave me essential breaks during the day and helped me sleep (Progressive Hypnosis’s Manifest Healing saw me through months of misery).

Breast lumps are very common and are always referred on to breast clinics, even when a GP is certain it’s benign. So you are receiving the standard follow-up. Try to change perspectives just a little and let’s hope you have the best possible outcome. I wish you all the best,

Jan x

Hi jasb- you have received a very wise and true reply from Jan, but I just wanted to drop by and send you a big hug as you wait for your results. Do come back and chat anytime, I hope we can support you through this waiting time. You might also want to call the lovely nurses on here - number at the top of this page. When do you get your results? Very best wishes, Evie xx