lump on gum!!!

I’ve not heard of this can be metz, but because I’m less than a year into dx, can’t help relating every abnormality to the C word.

Here’s a brief story: had a tooth ache during chemo, thought it was the S/E. Mentioned it to onc & he said a dentist would know better. Went to my dentist & he referred me to the dental hospital because I was just finishing chemo & he’s worried about complications. Guess what? They found 2 holes!! Had fillings done on 5th, March & a few days later, the gum next to one of the fillings has got a big lump on it!! It doesn’t hurt, so I don’t think it’s a blister. Could this be an infection of some sort or irritation to the fillings (I’m not known to be allergic to anything)??? It’s now rubbing a little bit & feels like food has got stuck on it. I need to get it checked!

I’m seeing my onc next Wed, so will mention it to him anyway. Who would be the best person to see in the meantime: the dental hospital, or my dentist, or my GP?



I would either try and see your dentist or the dental hospital, whichever is easiest, as they are the gum experts. I had a bump on my gum next to where I had a crown put on. It was as if fluid was draining into it. It went away eventually. It could be an infection, in which case I am sure the dentist can prescribe antibiotics.

Hope it sorts itself out soon. Have you got any Bonjela? That might help while you are waiting for an appointment.

Ann x

I’m sure that the lump will be related to the dental treatment. As previous poster says it’s probably an infection. I know how hard it is not to worry, you see I have it in a different place every day, well not really but you see in the three years since dx I still think every ache spot etc is mets. I don’t worry the same as I did but it does cross my mind. It is a very common thing to relate everything back to bc. Please try not to worry just see if your dentist will see you take care Eileen

Hi ladies,

Thanks for the advice. Phoned the dental hospital today and have got an app on Monday. It’s not too long to wait at least. And it’s great it’s before the app with my onc.

Is the lump at the top of your gum around the root of the tooth or is it around the “cuff” of the gum or inbetween the tooth. If it is the latter, then it is likely just to be some gum inflammation and you may well have some food in there. If the lump is where the tip of the root is, it may be an abscess but that would be extremely painful, so more likely the gum inflamed. If you have corsodyl, rinse with that as a first aid measure. As foul tasting as it is, it does the job. Which dental hospital are you going to - it may be the one I work in!

Hi Cathy,

It’s at the top of my gum. I believe I’ve used corsodyl before, which apart from the foul taste, also causes colouring of my tooth. So, now my dentist has suggested me to use flourigard and it tastes a lot better, too!

I’m going to the Bristol dental hospital on Monday. Will report back when I get home. Hope it’s just something simple. I had enough of going in and out of hospitals for BC. Now why is it things have to go wrong all at once?!

Hi ladies,

A quick update on the situation.

The good news is that it is indeed an infection!

The bad news is that I need more treatment on the tooth! It’s not just a simple gum infection, it comes from the tooth. I’ve got some antibiotics to get rid of the swelling first, then they’ll need to do more treatments to “treat it from the inside”. They’re desperately trying to stop it from reaching the root, otherwise they’ll have to take the tooth out. Because I’m on Zometa to help with bone mets, they’re trying to avoid any damage to my bone (i.e. the root), otherwise, it’ll take a long time to heal.

Hope those antibiotics will work for me then! All those complications related to BC, I hate it!

Take care all & thanks