Lump on rib cage?

I haven’t posted anything on here for quite a while, so wasn’t sure where to post this, if anyone could give me some advice I would be very grateful- I am currently in remission from BC- I had a grade 3 stage 2 her2 positive 3cm tumour, chemo, surgery radiotherapy, currently on anastrozole and zolodex injections every 12 weeks- phew sounds like a lot! I had surgery last June, the surgeon got everything with clear margins, I had a tiny tiny lymph node involvement, so had radiotherapy last September for 3 weeks.
Basically last Friday I found what feels like a small ish lump on my left rib cage (cancer side) by the way I had a mastocomy with immediate reconstruction- my mother has felt it for me she says she can only feel bone, I Am going to the clinic in 2 weeks so I am definitely going to speak to someone about then, I am feeling a bit scared though, so if anyone has got any advice please can you give it to me!
Thank you in advance Emma

You should get a CT scan. Im starting zoladex too and that really ups your chances of avoiding a recurrance. I would mention but its unlikely to be anything sinister as thats an odd place to have a recurrance. Were you invasive lobular? Xxx

Let me know how u get on. Thinking of you xxx

Hi Emma, if you are worried about bone metastases you would normally have some bone pain too. I have bone mets, not painful now but were on diagnosis. If it would set your mind at rest you could request a bone scan. Hope you have some answers and some reassurance soon. X

Great news Emma.
Belinda how were your secondary mets diagnosed? Xxx

What an inspiration you are Belinda. Treatments are changing all the time. That is brilliant news 12 years on and going strong. What hospital are you at? It must be good. Also what do you put your long survival down to? Xxxxx