Hi all, I have not posted here for a very long time although I do read the posts everyday.
I finished my rads in June this year after having mx and only a quarter of my chemo as I had to have it stopped. I found a lump on my rib which is just above my scar line of mx It feels quite solid to me but my Dr seems to think it is moveable I am now terrified that I Have cancer again. I am told it is too quick after treatment for it to have flared up again and it is more likely to be fatty deposits or scar tissue but am not quite sure. I have been referred back to the Surgeon and so find myself in the waiting room once again will it ever end.
Has anyone else found lumps and bumps in the ribs near the mx site please share your experience.


Hi all
I had my dbl mastectomy last November. I had a lot of fluid around the boob area, it has subsided now. However I am getting a lot of pain on and around the same site of initial cancer.
I have a series of lumps on underneath the mastecctomy scar. I have a small lump too which my surgeon said was just fat on top of my rib bone. I dont know if he is right.
I am trying to get my oncologist appt however earliest they can see me is 16th Oct.
I know how you are feeling. I will be asking for a scan/mri as it will show if anything is abnormal.
take care x

bumping can anyone help

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Hi I know how you feel at my 6month appointment my sergeon felt something and referred me for ultra sound. He said he wasn’t particularly worried it could be scare tissue. However I was besides myself, here going through it all again and by the time I got to the ultra sound two weeks later I was very emotional. The radiographer was great, I guess they see it all of the time, he said he hadn’t seen anything to givcaucuses for concern. However the surgeon wouldn’t let it rest and insisted on examining me. He now says the matter is closed until my next appointment. Feeling better I think, just about! So please try not to worry it could be nothing x

Hi, yes I found a small lump close to my op site - it is very small and feels ‘squigy’ - I was told it is just an internal stitch and not to worry about it. Best to get it checked thought anyway if you are worried. Which type of surgery did you have?

Hi, I just have some of my test result and was told that there was soft tissue mass under my armit. I am going for mri next week and they will check it out. I am so scared and worried about it. Is it normal as I was told scar rissue is very normal and I have quite a few lumps and bump on my mastectomy scar.
Is soft tissue mass dangerous as the doctor said it can be cancerous sob sob sob

Don’t panic, chances are its just scar tissue which is very common and not dangerous. They can cut it out but it usualgrows back x

It really hard not to panic my very urgent MRI is now in 2 weeks. I have to cancel my doctors appt and take a new appt as to when its available.
My job is very stressful, ppl are just drving me nuts.
The whole thing is making me think its easier to give up, trying very hard here, very hard.
Thank you for your msg

Dear blueboo

Please feel free to talk things over with one of our helpliners, they are here to offer you support and a listening ear, lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 10-2 and they are here for you during this worrying time

Take care


Hi Blueboo
I really feel for you, I have just finished rads ( 3rd Sept ) and went to see onc for 1st time yesterday I mentioned a pain in rib on other side from bc side and she has advised I have a bone scan to put my mind at rest she didnt seem concerned but obviously I am … Its back to the waiting room for results isnt it, Scan will be sometime in next two weeks then wont get results til 13th of November as im having a week away from 3rd Nov as missed our holiday this year with all the treatment, Hang in there hun I know its soooo hard and so unfair as well after all the rubbish we have had to go through its like being hit in the face with a spade :frowning: I will keep fingers and toes x for us both xx