Lump or chest muscle?

Hi, I really don’t know what to do… for a couple months I’ve felt like I can feel a lump on my left breast… however I’ve been losing weight unintentionally and I don’t know if it’s just a chest muscle ?! I don’t want to sound stupid and ask a doctor to check if it’s actually just my chest…… any advice grateful

Always go and get and changes to your breast checked never feel silly for seeing you gp all changes must be checked xxx hope this helps xxx


Hi. Your GP will not think you’re stupid for checking. That’s what they’re there for - to check anything that you’re unsure about. Please make an appointment. If it’s nothing, you can relax, and if it needs a referral, the sooner the better. x

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Goodness me, get it checked.
By far the most sendible thing to do.
No one will think you are foolish and you are just going to continue to worry if you dont.
I hope that all is well.