lump pea size at the base of nipple

hi all,
i,m back again was here last year with a breast lump that turned out to be benign thank god

now i have a lump in same breast just at base of left nipple, its smooth and no pain it started like a grain of rice i have one like that on the right nipple area

its been there for bout 4 months and i said i wasnt going to worry bout it as the last one was benign leave these alone

i dunno what to do babes

i,m 54yrs had basal cell cancer last year on head removed but i think that maybe back too
i post menopausal with multiple health issues

thinking of you all

Hi Cee

I was also here last year and I recognise your name, Im sorry you are going through it again. I do think you should get them checked out though. My lump was removed last year and they found abnormal cells but I had wide clear margins so no more treatment.

Maybe getting it checked would give you peace of mind.

Yvonne xx

hi evie,
i pray you are still clear now sweetie, i think i will mention it to the nurse next time i attend

bless you babe

So far so good hun. Im now going through the nipple discharge investigation. I wont explain you have probably read my latest posts. Its a bit of a saga.

Let me know what the nurse says.

Yvonne xx

I would go get them checked - chances are that they are nothing to worry about but better to get them checked anyways.