Lump & Swollen Lymph Nodes

Hi, have a 2.5 cm hard lump & swollen lymph nodes near it in my right breast. Can benign lumps cause swollen lymph nodes? Awaiting my results next Friday. Had mammogram, ultrasound, & biopsy. I’m pretty sure I’d like this lump removed!

Hiya, yes there are other things that can cause your lymph nodes to swell and have seen here a few times people in your situation getting a clear result so it does Happen, all the very best for Friday and if you are diagnosed you will find plenty of help and support here Xx Jo 

Thank you!

In case anyone is in a similar situation. I in fact do have breast cancer. Lump & lymph nodes removed awaiting pathology results & treatment plan.

Hi there sorry ot hear your news I have found myself in pretty much the same situation today in such shock at the thought of all this but told it’s worrying and to expect the worst still got to wait a week for results had the little coil thing inserted today at the location of the lump how do you cope in the week of waiting? My mind is running away woth itself can’t eat cant sleep and only day 1 of waiting … Hope you are ok …big hugs xx

I am almost 3 years post lumpectomy with radiotherapy. I have found a row of lumps leading from my node biopsy site and radiating down my arm. I have an appointment with my GP on Tuesday and the breast clinic on Thursday. I was on Letrozole but had to change to exemastine due to adverse effects. Can you get a recurrence while on hormone therapy?

Hi Laney,
Hormone therapy is very effective in reducing the risk of recurrance, so hopefully all is well & there is another reason for your symptoms.
Although anxiety is inevitable, you’re doing what you need to in getting it all checked out.
ann x

Thanks Ann-m. It’s going to be a long few days. I’ll let you know how it goes.

It’s a rotten time for you buy you have people here who will be supporting you. Xc

I dodged a bullet yesterday. It turns out that I have thrombophlebitis. In other words…cording. I wasn’t aware that I could develop this so long after the op. My thoughts are with you ladies that you can get through this and look forward to a long and happy life. Thank you for your support during my recent struggle.