lump under arm pit

hello - this seems very strange but also comforting as I avidly read the forums before but only posted once. Had a LUMPECTOMY 2010 followed by radiotherapy. Now on arimedex ( post menapausal). I felt my arm pit on the other side aching a bit and found a lump - like a hard flattened marble, right in the arm pit. JUST THE EVENING BEFORE going away on a holiday for a week - tried to pretend all is well all week - in the mean time quite worried. Just got back this evening. Obviously I’ll get it checked out next week.
Mentioned it to someone who thought it unlikely as it was the other side and nothing seems to be wrong in the breast. Had a mamagram last June. Hate the thought of facing it all again … was also told by the same person that arimedex only works on 50% of women. Anyone else got any comments on that?
Best wishes to anyone out there this evening feeling in need of some good vibes.

bumping this up for you so some ladies with knowledge of this can comment.

best wishes


Thanks Tommy,
got a bit of a panic on and decided to have a private consultation which was done today. Oncs thinks its definitely maybe a new primary in the other breast. Don’t quite know how to feel about that. Is it better than a recurrence? or just ****bad luck! Don’t like the fact that there’s obvious lymph involvement… Definitive results friday PM. Here we go again …anyone out there with some good news re a new primary. The anastrozole didn’t do much then. Funnily enough i actually feel better today knowing is part way to accepting which is the first step to beating it. -

Hi Sunshinegirl, so sorry you are here again! What awful ******* bad luck however you look at it, but thank goodness you found it - not an obvious place. My primary presented with an armpit lump but the node involvement was not as much as they thought it would be. I don’t know whether a new primary is “better” than a recurrence - I guess it all depends on the individual case. I had a recurrence 4 years after primary. I was on Exemestane at the time, now on Anastrazole. I know that here we go again feeling well- not pleasant, but hopefully on Friday you’ll have a better idea of what you’re dealing with. Hugs, ((( )))

Mo xx

Hi Mo,
whoever you are your’re doing a good job at moral boosting - see you like cats . I’ve one very like yours lovely old boy, whose a calming companion. Keep up the good work there’s a lot of needy people out there. Fingers crossed for me on friday.
Helen (sunshine girl)

Hello Helen,
Sorry to hear you’re having to go through this again, but I know how you feel. I’m on my 2nd recurrence in 9 years - here we go again and again! Once you get the results on Friday and get your treatment plan in place, you’ll come out fighting, just as you did the 1st time. No idea if a 2nd primary is ‘better’ than a recurrence - both pretty cr*p if you ask me!! And guess what? I’ve got a very similar cat, too…
Take care and keep us posted, Angelfalls xx

Thanks for the post Angelfalls.
Its comforting to know others are going through similar. Just can’t get my head round a ‘new primary’ - beginning to think recurrence better. At risk of recurrence from both of them now!!! Will keep you posted. Helen

Hi sunshine

I have had BC three times in the last 6 years… Two primaries and one recurrence… I carry a brca2 gene mutation which raises the risk of cancers in both breasts.

I was pleased when I got my second primary that it was just a primary and still very treatable as was worried that it could be advanced breast cancer… Luckily my recurrence hadn’t spread too far either but had travelled out the breast to the interpectoral lymph nodes in the chest wall… So for me my second primary was def better than my recurrence in terms of prignosis and treatment… My first BC was grade 1 hormone positive with no nodes so has a very low chance of recurrence but the second one was a grade 3 TNBC.

I was 37 at first dx then 40 with second primary and then just over two years later (but after my birthday) when I was 43 i got diagnosed with the recurrence.

I was pretty much terrified after the second diagnosis needed to take antidepressants but found the support of this forum outstanding and made some life long friends who helped me through it… 3rd time around I really wasnt that upset just thought oh poop here we go again!

Take care

Love Lulu xxx

Helen here with an update. Thanks for the posts ladies, the last being from Lulu. Its good to feel your not alone…
First dx in spring 2010. Grade 2 node+ E+ BC . Just WLE axillary clearance - rads and then anastrozole
last month felt a lump under other arm pit and have had confirmed a new primary.- small - but definitely in lymph - aggressive and 4/8 E+ Lump feels hard like a flattened marble.
Feeling pretty miserable. Scan over the next two days then WLE + node clearance wednesday.
Imagining all sorts of random pains - I had a mammogram only 8 monthes ago so hopfully its not spread.
Is it common to have aching under armpit as a precurser to Bc ?
Happened to me twice now and as they’re taking both sets of lymphs how will I know if it comes back in breast ?(still can’t feel lump in brest!)
Anyway ladies the message is check your pits - I knew about it in Jan and just dismissed it as being mistaken!!"no no It can’t be anything to worry about I said to myself…’
mustn’t ramble on just passing time till next week.
Thanks for the good vibes. Best wishes to all - KEEP STRONG. Helen

Helen sorry to hear your news but good I got it checkled out… Good luck with surgery and any future treatment you will need.