lump under arm?

Hello, I finished treatment for BC last December. I had 15 lymph nodes removed from under my arm (all clear). Well now I feel a small lump/hardening under my arm on the side of my node dissection. However, it’s not actually in my armpit, it’s IN my arm, maybe a couple of inches away from my armpit. It’s a little bit tender and very small and itches sometimes. I’m a little worried about this – could it be a recurrence? Is this common after a node dissection?

Hi tammyt

i had lymph node clearance (right arm) ,4 affected out of 21,along with mastectomy 2 yrs ago.i found some hardening of muscle or scar tissue on that arm and nerves seem is worth having it checked up to be sure.
This year i also had lymph node clearance(left arm) along with lumpectomy, 19 affected out of 31.Again,i have scar tissues and the nerves seem to be rejoining giving me some tenderness and sensation,sometimes even shooting twitces but this goes away.I tend to do mild arm exercises whenever my hands go numb or feeling pins and needles.
Well,get it seen to for peace of mind.