Lump under my armpit

Hi all , 21 yrs old male , have very little gynecomastia .

Speaking in short , I was told and checked by breast specialist that I have no lump or cancer ,how ever I noticed this swelling under my armpit (under arm) recently , the pics are attached please see the pics and tell me that is it swelling of lymph node or what, because my both armpits when viewed by me are different , the right one has swelling. Please help me , Thanks alot

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HI Jonathan, 


Im afraid I can’t see a picture, just a yellow triangle. However, even if I could see a picture that wouldn’t really tell anything, firstly as we arent medical people and secondly a specialist needs to check you to know an answer to your symptoms. Not even the best oncologist in the world can ‘see’ breast cancer, which is what you seem to be concerned it might be. You say you’ve been seen at the breast clinic, did you have a manual examination and ultrasound? You say they found nothing but was there any explanation given for your enlarged area? I’m not a man, though we do have a couple of men currently actively using the site, but thought I would answer anyway, as we all seem to muck in together here. 



Hi again, 


it wouldnt be right to give an opinion based on photos Jonathan, it could lead you onto totally the incorrect path. Even specialists need to properly feel and perform appropriate checks, get a set of symptoms from you and diagnose based on talking to you, and we are not medically trained anyway. Can I clarify…so you’ve been seen at a clinic…but didn’t mention the swelling you think you feel under your arm pit now ? But you are due to go back and will mention it then ?


I suspect as you know you have some gynecomastia, you are very concerned that sometimes, rarely, those changes can give an increase cancer risk and may be caused in itself by cancer. When you talked to the clinic did the specialist say what they felt the gynecomastia was caused by…I know that puberty is a common cause…You re 21 I see so older than that . As they have done a manual examination, and said nothing can be felt of concern, are you still very worried about breast cancer ?




Are you based in the U.K. ? 


A visit to your GP to quickly feel the lymph nodes would be in order, or primary doctor if in the US. If it genuinely look s different to you, then a doctor will quickly be able to tell if there is an enlarged node there. If your specialist has said it is physiological rather than having another cause, then that’s very encouragin though isn’t it. 

Hi may be worth asking your question in the ask the nurses section of the site .Good luck with your treatment .Jill.

Hello just wanting advice really, I’m 21 years old and before Christmas I noticed a small lump under my left armpit that’s painful, I was getting bigger and constantly sore, sometimes keeping me awake at night and I can’t actually put my arm down due to it now. I went to the doctora in Feb, who said they would send me for an urgent scan and I’d have an appointment in two weeks, nearly 4 weeks later I hadnt heard so called back and was simple told “oh we forget” I finally got an appointment and had an ultra sound scan but don’t feel like I was taken seriously due to my age, the scan literally lasted 2 minutes and I was told it’s fine and there’s nothing there at all. Now it’s August, so it’s been 8 months since I noticed it and it’s still getting bigger and it’s so incredibly sore. I now don’t know what to do? Should I go back to the doctors and request a second opinion or should I just get on with it since I’ve been told there’s nothing there, although I can 110% feel a lump there

Just don’t know what to do, don’t want to leave it if it’s something serious but don’t want to act like I don’t think the doctors were right. Just a bit worried that’s all

Hi there ,go back to GP and explain that it has got bigger and is painful - its very unlikely to be cancer particularly as they have scanned it and saw nothing suspicious but it is " something " and it’s not going away so I think it is perfectly sensible to go back to the GP and ask them to have another look .Hope you get it sorted .Jill x

Hi, do you still have this? I have the same thing, I don’t know what it is but I did have a small movable lump that can be squeezed, but its gone now. But the swelling remains. Did you go to the doctor? What dia he say? Btw, Im 22 yrs old female

Hi - if the lump has gone that’s obviously a good sign but if the swelling doesn’t settle down you should get it checked out to put your mind at rest .

Hi Jonathan! Is your armpit okay now? What did you do or what did the doctor say about it?