Lump under scar

Feeling very wobbly, finished rads 21st last month, chemo 14th April, mastectomy nov last year. 4 cm triple neg tumor. Noticed a lump under my scar at the weekend, have appt for Monday. Anyone else had similar? Want desperately to believe it’s an effect of the rads, but mind churning when alone at night.
I feel really well in myself, and just got back to work. Really scared now, any thoughts?

I haven’t finished treatment yet but my breast tissue feels very lumpy underneath my scar, and the scar itself is lumpy. And any sort of lumpy feeling is obviously very worrying for us BC ladies. I has a lumpectomy rather than a mastectomy.

You have absolutely done the right thing getting yourself booked in to be seen urgently - and I’m so sorry that you are feeling so worried while you wait.

Hoping that this is scar tissue rather than a recurrence. And it certainly could be, but I know I would be desperate to be seen and get everything checked out properly as well.

Hi Pattmi

Reminds me of when we were in “school” at beginning of training. We all thought we had the most exotic diseases. I can understand why your mind is churning. Hope all goes well on Monday will be thinking of you.
Sending love and hugs.
((( ))) xxx

hi hunny, I have had three lumpectomies, and I have each time had a lump underneath, which the doctor said was scar tissue. I think its probably quite common. Its always a good idea to show your doctor, but hope this gives you a bit of peace of mind until you see him.


Trouble is there wasn’t a firm lump under there before, had a boob let

Scar tissues takes a while to settle down, so could explain why you didnt feel it before. I did totally panick the first time I found mine after my first lumpectomy. So I can totally understand where you are coming from. But hope it turns out to be just like mine was.



I had a hard lump under my WLE scar which I noticed towards the end of chemo, I had a ultrasound which confirmed that it was just scar tissue, apparantly mine was really bruised underneath. The hard lump is still there now and I have been told that it probably always will be. Hoping that yours is the same, I think a lot of people have scar tissue like this.

Good luck Amanda xx

Hi Patty

Ive found that my hardness under my scar (op 3rd May) & where my tumor was is still hard when I asked my onc about it he said it would be for few months, Im sure it will just be scar tissue our bodies take so long to make new tissue which is always classed as scar tissue but totally understand how anxous you must be feeling Id be the same

I hope yours is just this again
Mekala x

Thank you for your replies, I keep swinging between " it’ll all be fine" and “I’m doomed” . Not a happy place to be.

Hi Pattymi

I hope I can offer some reassurance and advice. Like you I felt a lump under the scar tissue of my WLE scar. I finished chemo and rads in April and am now on Herceptin. I kept mentioning this until I felt I could not longer believe it was either scar tissue or due to rads. I had an ultrasound, mamogram, biopsy and a needle aspiration and I had it confirmed that this was an oily cyst. Not uncommon after this type of surgery. Now drained and all fine. Great relief. Hopefully you can access support from your bcn and she can arrange necessary tests to put your mind at ease. Take care all. J.