Lump under scar!

I wonder if any one can help me.I’m had 1st mx in jan 2011 found I had 2 tumours and I’m also triple neg too. Followed by 6 x FEC and 18 radiotherpy sessions. Put on tamoxifen for ER + tumour. In dec 2011 had risk reduction mx on left side followed by my ovaries and tubes being removed in sept2012. I’ve been taken off tamoxifen and put on arimedex. At weekend I found a pea like lump near my scar on right side ( risk reduction side). I’m going next Wednesday for a scan etc, but my question is can it come back as a lump in the breast area. And if so does that mean its a new growth and can be treated like last time chemo etc. or is it a lot more serious than that.
I know some might say I’m jumping the gun, but having all information helps me cope. It’s the unknown and not being I control that I find the hardest to deal with
Bluedragonfly x

Hi, sorry I can’t help with your questions but am bumping this up to the top. Maybe give the BCC helpline a call 0808 800 6000
Best wishes Melxx