Lumpectomy and axilla clearance

Hello all, I will soon have a lumpectomy and complete axilla clearance and leave hosp after one night stay.


Can anyone who has been through this tell me what recovery is like and give me any do’s and don’t s and useful tips?


Thanks s much for any input.

Hi Camilla

For some reason your post is in the secondary breast cancer part of the forum - I must admit the ‘Treatments and Medical issues’ title of the section is very misleading. So, although most of us will have had the surgery that you are going to have it might have been some time ago, therefore you may not get many replies. If you look to the front page of the forum section of the BCC website you will see a choice of areas that might be better suited to post your question, and get connected with ladies going through the same treatment as you will be. However if you do have secondary BC you have come to the right part and we can help with how ongoing treatments may differ, just let us know if this is the case. If not I wish you well with your upcoming operation.

Nicky x

Hello camilla

I think I remember that you have lung mets from primary dx. I might be wrong so forgive me if I’ve made a mistake.
I had a lumpectomy and clearance in 2004 …came home and had no problems at all. The drainage tubes might be in for a date or two .
Cosmetic wise. .I just wear the same bras as i always used to …no special ones or chicken fillets needed so I was lucky .

Hugs xx