Lumpectomy and lymph node clearance

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Had a lump removed together with 24 lymph nodes on the 4th Oct, and was relieved to find out that the blood vessels and lymph nodes were clear. However, am still waiting for an appt with the oncologist, and have been discharged from the breast care clinic (except for 6 month follow up).
Really what I want to know is, how I should be feeling post-op? The wound is healing well but I still have a lot of pain in and around the armpit, and the inside of my arm?

The surgery all happened very quickly, was discharged the same day, and feel like I have been left to find out everything for myself since. Don’t get me wrong, I am improving but I have no points of reference as to whether the healing after the surgery is going as it should.

I am hoping to back to work on 1/11/10 (4 weeks post-op) - is this too soon? I know we are all different, but after being out of work for 5 months from April to beginning of Sept, I am chomping at the bit to get back to work, for my sanity’s sake (work have been absolutely brilliant considering I informed them about the lump on my first day!).

Just looking to see what others’ experiences are really.


I had a lumpectomy and full axillary clearance nearly near three years ago. This was followed by 25 sessions of radiotherapy. I didn’t have any problems with the breast scar, but the node removal scar triggered a seroma (fluid causing swelling), arm ache, numbness under the arm, a feeling of heaviness in the arm, and still now after three years parts of my arm are numb.

You don’t mention if you are due to have chemo or rads but please don’t expect to bounce back to full-time work (or even part-time work) too quickly. Your body has taken a battering let alone your psychological health. PLEASE be kind to yourself, take it easy. You will come through this, honest!

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I went back to work after six weeks. I like you was champing at the bit. I worked 9.30 to 3.30 pm until two months after I finished radiotherapy when I went back full time.

A lot depends on the kind of work you do. I was office based so it wasn’t too bad. If I’d had chemo and had a more stressful job I might not have gone back so soon. I found I got a lot of support being in work and also it meant I couldn’t dwell on treatment so much. I did go to a support group for a while every Friday am. I kept this up for a few months then stopped. I now go about once a year.

I finished treatment in April 2004 and have been well since


Hi there

I know how you feel about wanting to get back to work. It meant that I could do something that gave me some normality.

I had a lumpectomy on 10th sept and returned to work 3 weeks later. I work in an office but did not realise how much I moved around in the office and I was very tired every day when I came home. In hind site I think I went back too early.

I am now in my 5th week post op and I still get tired although it is getting easier.

Take it easy and dont try to run too soon.

Hi I had no idea what to expect or whether I should take time off so am back in the office today after having a wide local excision just 3 days ago. Not feeling great so obviously too soon!